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Best Pizza In Disney World

Via Napoli Ristorante E Pizzeria At Epcot

Best and Worst Pizza in Walt Disney World

Via Napoli, Epcots best pizza joint, also happens to serve what is arguably the best pizza at Disney World overall. Tucked at the back of the Italy Pavilion in World Showcase, Via Napoli whisks diners away to Southern Italy. While dishes like pasta, fried risotto balls and chicken parmigiana are also on the menu here, the inarguable star is their authentic Neapolitan pizza.

This traditional Epcot pizza slice gets loaded with flavorful ingredients like fresh mozzarella cheese, imported flour from Southern Italy and even water sourced from a location stateside that matches that used for pies in Naples . Then, the pizza gets thrown into one of three wood-burning ovens, each named for Italys three active volcanoes Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and Stromboli where it earns its signature fire-kissed thin crust.

Although I highly recommend eating inside the restaurant for the freshest pizza possible, a walk-up window is also occasionally open for guests on the go. Inside, choose from a 10-inch individual pie just for you or get a full half meter for the whole family to share.

Via Napolis Pepperoni Pizza

The best, most delicious pizza at Disney World resides in the heart of Epcots Italy. Past the tall tower, reminiscent of its original in Venice, and deeper into the pavilion lies Via Napoli, home of scrumptious pizza that honors its Italian roots. My favorite on the menu is the pepperoni pizza, available in multiple sizes, including a half meter indulgence. Via Napolis pepperoni pizza is absolutely delectable! From the crust charred by the ovens flames to the light tomato sauce spread across the thin dough, every aspect of this pizza is incredibly tasty. The mozzarella covering the pizza from end to end is superb and the miniature pepperoni sprinkled across the top offers an extra kick with a spicy, but not hot, flavor. Although the sauce is not as plentiful as other locations, it adds a subtly satisfying flavor to the dish. The char especially offers a nice touch that makes Via Napolis savory pie stand out from others.

I wholeheartedly recommend any item on this list to any fellow pizza lovers searching for a break from the quick service status quo.

Whats your favorite pizza at Walt Disney World?

The Best Pizza At Magic Kingdom

  • Pinocchio Village Haus

Admittedly, through the decades I have never been a huge fan of Pinocchio Village Haus. But if you must do pizza at Magic Kingdom, this is a fanciful spot. The choices of Gourmet Cheese Flatbread, All-Meat Flatbread , Pepperoni Flatbread, or more traditional Margherita Flatbread are all pretty good. Unless they have been sitting under the heat lamps for awhile.

Perhaps the best feature are the views. Whether you watch the sailors float off into its a small world or sit outside and soak up the Fantasyland merriment, distractions might be the best part of your meal.

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How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Takeout Delivered

This can vary depending on the time of day as well as the time of year. Just like when ordering delivery at home you should order ahead expecting to have a bit longer delivery window. Dont place your order once everyone is already hungry. The great thing about ordering from GrubHub and UberEats is that they will give you an approximate delivery window before you even place your order. That way if you want something on the quick side you can scroll thru the list and see where is delivering sooner. This can also depend on where your resort is located in relation to the restaurant.

Best Restaurant In Animal Kingdom: Tusker House

6 Best Pizzas at Disney World (2021)

This was a tough call, as we have a few Animal Kingdom options we like roughly the same. But well give Tusker House the slight edge over Tiffins for the fun of the character sightings in cool costumes.

Tusker House currently has a set menu for its safari-themed character dining option. Its a bit on the pricey side , but you get a lot of food as in a too much for one person amount of food.

Youll get a salad and bread plate as starters, a large sampler of Moroccan-spiced beef, curry shrimp, split-roasted herb chicken and pork for your entree, and a dessert trio platter for dessert.

The shrimp and rice dish was easily the best of the entrees, but the entire meal was tasty. Out of the desserts, the brownie was a favorite.

You can order an assortment of cocktails , beers, wines and ciders at an additional cost.

Tusker House also offers a breakfast character dining option at a slightly discounted price compared to lunch and dinner $42 per adult and $27 per child, plus taxes and tip.

Keep in mind that character sightings at dinner are socially distanced, and guests are given a pre-printed postcard with autographs instead of having characters sign items at the restaurant.

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Best Disney World Counter Service Pizza

Before Via Napoli arrived, my favorite spot for pizza enjoyment at Disney World was Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney.

I love Pucks for its insanely good, better-than-counter-service food anyway. But their pizza is just amazing especially when compared to the disappointing dish that usually serves as Disney counter service pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express

The thin crust is part of the reason I dig this pie so much. But the toppings are always in perfect proportion to the crust as well .

Amazing Crust Up Close

And Im thinking the secret to the success is the wood burning oven they use, which reminds me of other spots that made our Best of list. Youll find similar ovens at Via Napoli, as well as California Grill and Jiko. Which brings me to our next set of favorites

The Best Pizza At The Disney Resorts

Disneys Contemporary Resort

  • California Grill

Looking for Signature Dining pizza? THIS is your choice. Perched atop Disneys Contemporary Resort, everything about this spot is fine. From décor, service to menu, everything about the California Grill is premium. But the floor-to-ceiling window view of Magic Kingdom and fireworks are one-of-a-kind.

The Artisanal Hand-formed Pizzas from the Wood-burning Oven will be a special occasion pleaser. Be sure to book your reservation far in advance, and time your meal according to the fireworks schedule to secure your Happily Ever After.

Disneys Swan & Dolphin Resort

  • Il Mulino

One of the 17 restaurants at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Il Mulino is another New York original. This casual chic version of the Greenwich Village original is perfect theme park fine dining. In a beautiful sleek setting, the balance of basic plus elegant is struck. With a wine list to impress.

Artisan pizzas include Margarita, Rustica , Bosco , and Bianca. Though expensive by most standards , I think youll appreciate eating your pizza in style!

Disneys Yacht Club Resort

  • Ale & Compass Restaurant

Though flatbreads are available throughout the day, its the Ale & Compass Restaurant sunny-side egg, house-made bacon, ham, provolone, and arugula version that is a standout. Pizza for breakfast?? Yes please!

Hollywood Studios

  • Mama Melroses Ristorante Italiano

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Best Character Brunch: Topolino Terrace

Cinderella has a run for her slipper in the top spot, because Disneys Topolino Terrace offers a very good character brunch and its currently fully operational. Located at the top of the new Disney Riviera Resort, Topolino has top-notch service, delicious food and some pretty famous characters in unforgettable costumes.

The breakfast at Topolino Terrace features a pastry basket, juice, coffee and an entrée from a selection including smoked salmon, quiche Gruyère, sour cream waffles or a wild mushroom scramble for $42.

Meals for kids up to 9 years old will cost $27 and come with options such as Mickey waffle dippers, eggs or fruit and yogurt.

The food is very good and the characters are downright adorable. Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and Donald are in their finest Mediterranean outfits and are introduced to music. These days, the characters have to keep their distance from people but do a great job stopping at multiple points around the room.

Five Of Our Favorite Places To Go For Pizza At Disney World

Best Pizza in Disney World? Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs Review

by Melissa Roden·February 9, 2021

Today is National Pizza Day and we thought wed celebrate by sharing with you a handful of places we love to go to get that perfect slice at Walt Disney World. Theres no shortage of awesome slices you can enjoy at the theme parks, resorts and beyond but the 5 on our list are particularly delightful. Lets take a look!

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Blaze Fast Fired Pizza

So, if youre not headed into EPCOT or youd rather skip a Table Service restaurant for pizza, the next best thing is found over at Disney Springs. Blaze Fast Fired Pizza is a franchise pizza restaurant and is known for its thin crust, customizable pizzas.

Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza

At the toppings bar, you can load up on all the cheese, meat, and veggies that youd like and your pizza will be made blazing fast in their open-hearth oven. They also offer some other menu options so you dont always have to opt for the Build Your Own Pizza option if youd prefer not to have to do any thinking.

The Art Lover Pizza from Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza

Weve been known to come here and order up a huge variety of pizzas, opting for the Meater Eater pizza, Build Your Own pizza, and everything in between and the pie is always hearty and super tasty! So, if youre not stuck trying Disney World exclusive restaurants and find yourself craving some za, then Blaze is a great option.

Pecos Bills Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

With a few exceptions, its hard to find great food in Magic Kingdom, but you should avoid the worst of the worst, which has recently been Pecos Bills quick service. The menu looks somewhat interesting, with a mix of rice bowls, nachos, fajitas and burgers, but in the end, the service can be curt, the food a bit disappointing and recently, even our mini churros were hard and almost inedible.

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Tonys Town Square Restaurant

Tonys is a casual dining spot located on Main Street U.S.A, making it a handy option for when youre in Magic Kingdom. Its based around the story of Lady and the Tramp, as Tonys was where the two shared their first kiss over a plate of spaghetti. While Tonys do sell this famous spaghetti and meatballs as a dinner option, whats really great on the menu is Tonys Pizza Pie.

The pizza here is a flatbread style pizza so its thin and crispy but absolutely loaded with toppings. There are a number of options to choose from so youll be sure to find something that everyone will like. The portions are quite large too so you could easily share a pizza between two if you were feeling the romance of the place. The range of the menu, however, means that not everyone has to have pizza if they arent feeling it, and its convenient location near the entrance to Magic Kingdom makes this a great place to get pizza at Disney.

The Best Pizza In Orlando

The Best (and the Worst!) Pizza in Disney World

Home to the world’s most beloved theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando also provides the ideal vacation destination for shopping, people-watching, and dining. Thanks to its reputation as a tourist hub, Orlando has every variety of cuisine, from fast food options to five-star gourmet eateries. When it comes to pizza, Orlando restaurateurs know how to cook a pie. But where are the smartest, savviest diners eating out? Welcome to our Tastemaker Lists. We’ve pulled data from thousands of restaurants to find the top spots among OpenTable’s most expert, seasoned diners. You’ll find everything from fast-casual restaurants where you can grab a slice on the go to fancy Italian trattorias that turn pizza and wine into an occasion. Take a look at this list of the best pizza restaurants in Orlando. Then choose one to entertain you for an evening or to refuel for more fun.

  • Ideal para aniversarios
  • Cocina creativa

Located in the JW Marriott is Primo, an Italian restaurant that features fresh, seasonal ingredients and a menu of Italian food that changes seasonally. Primo even has its own organic garden so chefs …

  • Apto para los apasionados de la gastronomía
  • Conversación tranquila

Cala Bella is a Tuscan Restaurant that is the dining centerpiece of Rosen Shingle Creek. The food here is rustic and uses seasonal ingredients, and it has a menu that features fish, meat, and pasta di…

  • Romántico
  • Apto para los apasionados de la gastronomía

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Italian Restaurant In Orlando

We take pride in our mouthwatering appetizer options, authentic Chicago stuffed pizzas and tasty desserts that keeps the family full and happy! Bring the whole family together for a big Italian style dinner where you can enjoy Chicago stuffed pizza made with fresh mozzarella, tasty marinara, and a flaky crust. Staying in one of the many famous Walt Disney World Resorts? We got you covered! Giordanos offers PIZZA DELIVERY IN ORLANDO to all of the major resorts. You dont have to sacrifice quality when its late, because Giordanos delivery service is available when you need it. Satisfy your late night cravings after a long day at the attractions by giving us a call so we can deliver dinner directly to your door.

Visit our menu to start ordering!

Top Kissimmee Pizza Restaurants For Families Visiting Orlando

Kissimmee, Florida, is best known for its proximity to some of Floridas best amusement parks. Just minutes away from Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, Kissimmee ranks as a top spot for families who want to stay off the beaten path but have convenient access to Orlando. To add to its appeal, Kissimmee also houses some of the best pizza restaurants in the area. This helps families avoid costly food expenses at theme parks and keep everyone satisfied. Read on for the top Kissimmee pizza restaurants.

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Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Character dining is a big part of the Disney experience and you might think you can save a few dollars by dining with the princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot rather than Cinderellas Royal Table, but its a poor substitute .

Although your favorite princesses will join you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food just isnt on par with the other Disney eateries. That said, its an easier reservation to snag than Cinderellas Royal Table, so keep it in your back pocket if you need a last-minute princess meal.

Pizza Window At Disneys Boardwalk

Pizza at Walt Disney World Resorts | Resort Pizza | BEST Pizza At Disney World

Attached to Trattoria al Forno, the Pizza Window at Disneys BoardWalk is ideal for those craving pizza but who dont have time for a table service meal. Unfortunately, the quality of the pies here typically doesnt live up to what youll find inside Trattoria al Forno at dinnertime.

That being said, if youre hoping to feed your family on the cheap or are wanting a portable meal, the Pizza Window is a decent choice. Large, shareable pies are available with all the classic toppings, as are individual slices. However, keep in mind that no indoor seating is available, so be prepared to snag a spot outside.

Well, pizza fans, that concludes our list of the best pizza in Disney World. Which pizza joint at Walt Disney World is your favorite? How about your go-to pizza? Is there anywhere we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Dont want to sacrifice ride time for mealtime? Make the most of your trip with our 1-day plans for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Then, save some cash for even more delicious Disney food by booking our discounted Walt Disney World tickets.

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Trattoria Al Forno At Disneys Boardwalk

Disneys BoardWalk may play second fiddle to Disney Springs, but this charming dining and entertainment district is well worth a visit when the sun goes down. A number of restaurants are available here, but one of my favorites is Trattoria al Forno.

In the morning, this table service restaurant plays host to a delightful Italian-inspired Disney character meal the Bon Voyage Breakfast starring Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider where theres even a breakfast pizza on offer. If youre coming for pizza, however, youll definitely want to dine during dinner for wood-fired pies topped with quality ingredients. Afterward, stop into one of my favorite Disney World bars, AbracadaBar, for boozy cocktails with a magical twist.

California Grill Disneys Contemporary Resort

You can trust that when this gourmet restaurant nestled at the top of Disneys Contemporary Resort decides to do pizza, they do it well! Though this is maybe the last place youd expect pizza to rank as one of our favorite eats, trust us when we say its DELICIOUS! This restaurant has been know to switch up their pizza offerings seasonally but two staples youll usually find on the menu are the Pepperoni Pizza which features house-made Pepperoni, Tomato Conserva, Fontina, Asiago, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Basil-Oregano and Pistou as well as the Four Cheese which expertly combings Roasted Forest Mushrooms, Sottocenere, Taleggio, Burrata and Parmesan Fonduta.

The pizzas will set you back $23.00 and reservations for this Fine Dining spot are recommended!

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The Best Pizza At Disney Springs

  • Pizza Ponte

Spicy Salame

When this Maria & Enzos group location first opened last year, I had the tastiest slice of my life. Outside of the Big Apple, that is. Since then, depending on how long a pie has been sitting, this pizza can range from fantastic to limp and mushy. Time it right and youll be contento. My absolute favorite pie in this spot is the thicker, Sicilian pizza with pepperoni. It reminds of the pepperoni in Fiesole outside of Florence!

  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

The new Wolfgang Puck establishment, not to be confused with the former Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe, features a gleaming wood-burning pizza oven at its entrance. A pizza beacon for those strolling by, if you will. Pizza continues to be a signature Puck dish, and with good reason. Fresh, quality ingredients, a designated pizza chef, and right-from-the-oven taste make Wolfgangs pizza a continued winner.

Although table service is a plenty, I suggest bringing the family and sitting near the pizza oven in the bar area. The kids will love the show!!

  • Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza

With over 100 locations in the US, Canada, and Guam, this is a pizza you may know well. Though I embrace testing new food horizons while on vacation, there are occasions when you need tried and true. Familiar seems extra attractive when you are dealing with special dietary needs. With house-made gluten-free dough and vegan cheeses, there is something here for everyone.

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