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Best Men’s Walking Shoes For Disney World

Ease Your Swollen Feet

Shoes I Wear at Disney World – Best Shoes to Wear While at Disney World!

After a day or a week of walking on concrete in the heat, chances are your feet are going to be hot, swollen and tight. No matter what type of shoe you wear.

I spent a few hours walking Epcot at night, and by the time I got home, my feet were swollen and tight feeling. I happened to have a bottle of Arnicare Footcare Cream, which can help with sore and aching feet. I rubbed the lotion on the soles of my feet, and in a minute my feet felt less hot and less tight.

I was surprised. There is an entire range of Arnicare products for foot and leg pain.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Lite Shoes

A favorite of ardent Disney enthusiasts, the Skechers Performance Go Walk Lite Shoes are among the best shoes for Disney World in the summer. Why? Thats because they boast an air-cooled Goga Mat insole that isnt just comfortable, but itll also help keep your feet feeling fresh all day! Plus, theyre highly breathable, which is perfect for those hot sunny days.

We also love how good they look. These sleek lace-up sneakers will add a little style to your outfit while remaining comfortable and supportive, even after a full day of waiting in line and trekking between the far corners of parks. The laces provide a little snugger fit than other Skechers shoes, but the material will stretch to bend with your movement. So, if youre still looking for the best shoes to wear to Disney, go get this pair!

  • What We Love:
  • Responsive and highly convenient shoes that provide all-day comfort.
  • Pros:
  • Best Shoes For Disney World In December

    Bring one from home to avoid high prices at the park. While they may not be the most stylish, ponchos will be your most cherished article of clothing on a rainy park day, keeping you dry as you dash between attractions and providing a nice buffer between you and wet seats.

    The Best Shoes For Disney World And Disneyland For The Whole Family Nomad By Trade Disney World Rides Disney World Guide Disney World Vacation

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    What Are The Worst Shoes For Disney

    Before we discuss, what shoes to wear to Disneyland or what are the best shoes to wear at Disney let us discuss a bit about what shoes to not ever, ever, ever wear to Disney.

    Or if you still want to we suggest wearing these at your own risk of falling, breaking a bone, or losing your shoe on the rides.

    There Is A Large Selection

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    Both market place’s buyer and seller bases are enormous globally. As a result, you are able to choose from a wide variety of products and services. Which benefit do you receive?

    The act of fishing can be done in many different ways. market place has a wide selection of hairdryers available at various prices, models, and specs. Decide which seller you prefer.

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    Top Rated Shoes For Disney For Women Men & Kids

    Have you ever wondered how many miles a person walks at Disney? We logged 27,000 steps on our very first visit to Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom! That is the equivalent to nearly 13 miles. This isnt even counting the additional steps taken at the resort. Our experience was not an exception, but the rule according to most people. Choosing the right shoes to wear at Disney is as important as planning the best strategy to tour the park. In this guide, we will address the most commonly asked questions when considering the best shoes for Disney World and give you some cute Disney shoe options for the whole family.

    Want a short-cut to our favorite shoes for Disney?  

    How To Prepare For Walking Around Disney

    Once you have your shoes for Disney, it is time to prepare for walking around the parks all day. As local annual pass holders, we easily clock in 10,000 steps on a relaxed day at Disney. If you are visiting from out of town and you plan to see and do it all, then you can easily walk 20-30,000 steps per day. Having sturdy shoes for Disney is essential, but preparation is key!

    If you are choosing a closed-toe pair of shoes, make sure to pick a pair of moisture-wicking socks, especially if you are visiting Disney during the summer. The Florida heat is overwhelming and you dont want your feet to sweat any more than they have to. Anything remotely related to wool will be a no-go! Cotton socks are okay, but socks with moisture-wicking included are even better!

    If you are wearing sandals, make sure that there is no chance the strap will break on you! If the pair is getting old, maybe it is time for a new one before you walk miles and miles in them at Disney World. My Vionic Sandals listed above are very sturdy and they hardly need any time to break in.

    If you are purchasing a new pair of shoes for Disney, remember to give them plenty of time to break in before you go walk 10 miles in them. We recommend walking around your house in your new pair of shoes as you cook dinner or take the dog for a walk!

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    So How To Find The Best Shoes To Wear To Disney

    Read on..

    I dont know about you but I am always torn between wearing too-cute-to-walk shoes and sensible shoes.

    I love my Teva sandals for walking around cities and hiking plus theyd be one of the best sandals for Disneyland but god, they are ugly!

    At the same time, I cant help rolling my eyes at those who manage to combine stilettos with theme parks.

    Being a total shoe person, I have over the years managed to build a decent reliable yet fashionable best footwear for Disney collection!

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    Aaand these are perfect and cute shoes for Disney World, Disneyland, Legoland, Six Flags, Universal, or any other theme park or for that matter even for traveling to Europe!

    Now that we are all agreed that having the best shoes for walking around Disney is a critical part of your surviving Disney arsenal,

    here are our recommendations for best shoes for Disney World walking for women, men, babies, best toddler shoes for Disney, and older kids!

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    Best Amusement Park Sneakers

    My Favorite Disney Shoes

    Ready to lace-up your running shoes and take on the theme parks? For many, athletic shoes offer the great support youll need when constantly walking and standing. Be sure to also choose the right sock and make sure sneakers are appropriately broken in before travel.

    Dana Zucker has a few tips for choosing theme park sneakers:

    sneakers with great support. I am a believer in supporting your entire body and it starts with proper footwear. I always get fitted by a professional to be sure they are the right fit. And I buy one pair for running and one for daily wear like theme park days, usually the same brand.

    Other recommendations for sneakers with versions that offer cushioned support and are still stylish with metallic details. Look for breathable fabrics and supportive insoles.

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    Best Mens Walking Shoes For Disney World 2022

    Nike Tanjun: Public service announcement, you cant beat the quality and affordability of these mens Nike sneakers! Both supportive and lightweight, these breathable kicks make a great choice to keep feet dry and comfortable for long hours at the Disney parks. Their simple construction and style will pair perfectly with any outfit, making it an easy addition to the best shoes for Disney World. Not to mention, you can really str

    etch your dollars here with how long these high quality shoes will last you!

    Skechers Creston: Call us five-year-olds, but we love these rubber sole running shoes because theyre super easy to slip on and off! Plus, theyre no-tie! The last thing you want to do while walking around Walt Disney World is stop to tie your shoes. Beyond their convenience, the relaxed fit of these sneakers makes them roomy yet snug. With a breathable fabric lining and air cooled memory foam, your feet will stay supported and cool all day long.

    Vionic Wave: Available in three classic colors, these rank #1 on our list for best comfortable sandals for Disney World. With arch support and a thick strap, these flip flops stay on your feet without hitting any pressure points. For any guys out there who love wearing regular flip flops, you cant go wrong with these bad boys. Not only are they stylish, but theyre also known to dry quickly for rainy and humid days at the parks.

    Best Shoes For Disney With Plantar Fasciitis

    Walking around Disney World all day can be intimidating for someone dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Walking around Disney World is a lot for someone that does not suffer from sore feet, so for someone with plantar fasciitis, finding a good shoe is the only way to have a successful Disney vacation.

    I have found a few of the best shoes for Disney with Plantar Fasciitis that provide comfort for all that walking and help ease your nerves.

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    Merrell Womens Terran Slide Ii Sandal

    The Shoes I Wear to Disney WorldIve tried other shoes in this post, but always come back to these

    I saved my personal favorite shoes for last.

    Ive been through 2 pairs and 3 Disney trips with these. They have a rubber sole, Nubuck leather upper, and an air cushion in heel.

    One thing I like about these sandals is that theyre easy to kick on and off. When Im not at Disney World, I also use them for pool or beach shoes, or for quickly throwing shoes on to run a quick errand or to run out and get the mail.

    What I dont like about them is that they arent the cutest, more stylist shoe around. They do come in 10 different colors, mostly neutrals like taupe, black, and olive.

    With Minnie Mouse, wearing my Merrell sandals!

    says you dont even know youre wearing them:

    Merrell slides and shoes are the best. Since developing plantar fasciitis many years ago, these shoes are the only ones that keep it from returning because of the arch support. Going barefoot is not an option for me.

    These are my house shoes, my slippers, my all the time indoor shoes. I also have other Merrell styles for outdoor and winter use. Love em.

    What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Disney

    Best Shoes for Disney World

    Broken-in shoes will always be best for excessive walking. Sneakers with arch support and plenty of padding are the optimal choice for everyone, children and toddlers included. Comfort is optimal and broken-in shoes are best for the high mileage you will rack up during your theme park vacation.

    An ankle or heel strap or laces are going to be the best choice. Consider the shape of your foot, any medical issues that you may have, and the amount of activity you have at home compared to what your activity and walking level may be at the Parks. Also at stake? Weight. A New Balance original sneaker can be very heavy, compared to new athletic or tennis shoes. For the sake of your ankles as well as the sake of your suitcase, remember to compare your lightweight shoe options as you pack. Lastly, breathable fabric is a factor. In the high heat, feet can swell and need to breathe a bit.

    When at your Walt Disney Resort Hotel, flip-flops, slides or casual sandals may be a great choice. You will most likely be going back and forth between the pool and your room or over to one of the Quick-Service or Table-Service restaurants to grab some grub and a running shoe may be too much for that moment. Trips are fairly short and at a casual pace, so a slip-on sandal is handy.

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    The Best Shoes For Disney World For Men

    The memory foam technology in these sneakers are really a game changer, and allow them to conform to the shape of the feet much better. My suggestion with these sneakers would be to wear them in advance so theyve had time to adjust to the foot shape and are as comfortable as possible.

    These have that same breathable fabric as the womens Sketchers mentioned earlier, meaning they allow for better airflow and are much more comfortable. They also offer shock absorbing soles for maximum comfort for all of that walking youll be doing.

    There are definitely some great mens options for sandals as well when it comes to the best shoes for Disney World and not surprisingly, theyre the same brands that offer the great womens options!

    I know more than a few Disney husbands who swear by their Teva sandals for maximum comfort and durability, so while these are a bit more pricey than a regular pair of flip flops, theyre going to last longer and your feet will thank you!

    I think the KEEN sandals for men look a little more stylish than the Teva, and perhaps appeal more to a younger audience. They still offer the same comfort and support, but there are more styles to choose from and I actually think they look pretty cute!

    How To Avoid Blisters At Disney World

    Even if you have the best shoes in the world, getting blisters on your feet is a real possibility after all that walking around in the parks.

    Is there any way to prevent them? And how do you treat existing blisters?

    The first thing to understand is that blisters are almost always caused by one of two things:

  • Shoes that dont fit correctly
  • Moisture
  • So if youre wearing sneakers, especially, make sure your shoes is big enough to allow your feet to expand .

    As far as moisture causing blisters, here are some tips:

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    Merrell Burnt Rock Travel Suede

    If youre looking at a long trip at Disney, with plenty of miles of walking ahead of you, then Merrell is a solid place to look for shoes that will hold up to the rigors of walkways and woods. The Burnt Rock Travel shoe, in particular, is an excellent bet with its attractive design but durable construction. Honestly, weve found you can never go wrong with a pair of Merrells.

    With Merrells Kinetic Fit base and EVA midsole, the Burnt Rock is an exceptionally comfortable shoe that can quickly go from box to pavement with minimal break-in time. The breathable mesh also keeps the foot cool during all your adventures, while the durable rubber base and toe cap will keep it in excellent condition for a long time.

    Shop For Merrell Travel Shoe

    Should I Sear Sandals To Disney

    The Best Shoes for Disney World

    Should you wear sandals to Disney? Well, this is completely up to you and your preference. Almost all of the rides let you wear flip flops on them and if they dont youll just have to take them off and go barefoot. If youre going to wear sandals to Disney I would suggest they at least be secure on the foot.

    Its all about what is comfortable to you, and if that is sandals or flip flops then go for it! Closed-toed shoes are not a requirement at Disney, but may save your foot from scratches or bruises.

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    Best Mens Sandals For Disney

    KEEN Mens Newport H2 Sandal

    Our pick for the best mens sandals for Disney World!

    We love our Keens still! For us, we consider this our best mens sandal for Disney World. Well, we like the added protection of sneakers in the theme parks and their ability for high mileage, sometimes its just too darn hot for sneakers. Tough sandals like this have a tough closed toes design making them probably the best shoes for Disney World in the summer when humidity and temperatures are high.

    With there excellent arch support this machine washable sandals are great for transitioning from Disneys Animal Kingdom to the water parks. You will find by the end of the day you will have a unique suntan pattern on your feet.

    Best Shoes For Disney World Men

    Again, for the men in your party we would recommend Skechers Go Walk and Nike Air Max sneakers. They are both such great quality and you really can cover some miles in them from our experience.

    You can find the latest Mens Nike Air Max prices here too.

    I also like to wear slip on Vans too. I personally love the different designs you can get, and they are also very comfortable. They are quite easy to slip on and off as well if like me you sneakily slip them off when you are sat on a wall or somewhere outside in a Disney Park having a drink and a short break.

    You can find a selection of Slip on Vans here.

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