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Best Diaper Bag For Disney World

Best Disney World Backpacks

How to Pack Your Diaper Bag for Disney World! Ft. Ju-Ju-Be BRB Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow!

One of the most common questions that peoplehave when planning a trip to Walt Disney World is, Can I bring a bag intoDisney parks? The answer is YES! In fact, not only can you bring a bag orbackpack into Disney World, we recommend it.

When you are choosing a bag or backpack to bringinto the parks, you will want to make sure that the bag is comfortable and thatyou are able to stay organized. You do not want to end the day with soreshoulders or back because you chose fashion over comfort.

Trust us, you can find cute AND comfortablebackpacks! You also want to make sure that you are not wasting time diggingaround in a backpack trying to find a power cord or fruit snack.

Best Backpacks For Disney For Adults

Whether you are a light packer or you like to bring your entire life with you, there is a backpack out there for everyone! Its usually easiest to pack light and use a smaller bag to make your trip less stressful. However, we understand some people like to bring their camera equipment for quality photos, laptops for work, or lots of space for souvenirs! We have several different backpacks to fit your needs! Here are the best backpacks for Disney for adults!

AOTIAN Mini Women Backpack

This first backpack is perfect for the light packers! Bringing a small bag is great for carrying your essentials to make it through the day. The AOTIAN Mini Women Backpack is 12 inches high and 4 inches wide, making it the perfect day bag. It comes in multiple different colors, and it is very lightweight.

The backpack has three zippered compartments and two water bottle holders. Even though it is small, its still very roomy. Roomy enough to even fit an iPad! These are a great option for anyone who doesnt want to lug a large backpack around the parks!

JanSport backpacks are popular for a reason. They are known for being sturdy and reliable. The is just big enough to carry a good amount of stuff, but not to big where its overbearing. It comes in multiple colors and patterns to fit every style.

SWISSGEAR 1900 Backpack

A Cross Body Bag Instead Of A Backpack For Disney World

A cross body bag can be very useful for a day in the Disney World Parks or a trip shopping and dining at Disney Springs. This bag is anti-theft and has loads of pockets along with its main compartment so would be great for travelling as well as using during your Disney World trip.

This would definitely get a lot of use during and after your vacation. This is especially useful for families with younger children that need a few essentials now and again when you move past the diaper bag backpack stage.

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What To Wear To Disney World In 2021

Planning what clothing items I need on a Disney trip is one of my favorite parts! I love coordinating outfits with my family and while it’s important to be comfortable, you also want to look nice since you’ll have these pictures to treasure forever.

There’s a fine balance between comfort and style in the parks so here’s some tips to help you decide what to pack in your carry on bag and for your family.

The Best Diaper Bags Of 2022

Top 5 Disney Bags to bring with you to the parks

You may have been eating for two while pregnant, but now you’ll be carrying for two! You name it, you’ll be lugging it around in a diaper bag wherever you go.

Your diaper bag will need to be large, comfortable, functional, and stylish without compromising your budget. Every year we review over a dozen new and popular diaper bags and consider them for inclusion on this list. Here are the top 5 diaper bags we found, followed by in-depth reviews of about a dozen options.

Model and Link to AmazonOur Rating
#5. JuJuBe BFF Diaper Bags

The diaper bag is one of the most important baby essentials for a prepared parent. Once you leave the house, you will need to bring a ton of supplies like diapers, baby wipes, a changing pad, snacks, baby bottles, burping cloths, pacifiers, baby lotions, diaper rash creams, cloth diapers, and a change of clothes. Plus don’t forget your own stuff, like your wallet, phone and keys! The good news is that there are hundreds of baby diaper bags on the market designed to make your life much easier, and we did all the research for you!

In our tests, we stuff the diaper bags with baby gear, toss them around, spill liquid in them, test any waterproofing claims, force the zipper open and shut, and put a 25-pound weight inside to make sure the fabric and straps are durable and comfortable.

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    Best Disney Backpacks For Kids

    Kids love to feel involved. What better way to involve your kid in your Disney trip than by giving them their own special backpack to carry around all their toys and Disney souvenirs. We found a few adorable options when it comes to picking out the best backpacks for Disney for your kiddos!

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Drawstring Backpack

    Drawstring backpacks are the perfect starter bag for children! They are very durable, easy to manage, and very lightweight! The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Drawstring Backpack comes with two drawstring bags for a very affordable price. One bag has Mickey and one has Minnie.

    The bags are a great size for kids and wont put a lot of pressure on their shoulders. These backpacks also each come with a matching lanyard and coin purse. This is perfect for any kids who want to trade pins with Disney cast members! You really get a bang for your buck when it comes to these bags!

    Cars Mini Backpack

    The Cars Mini Backpack is another great option for kids. Its shaped just like a regular backpack, but its just in a much smaller and easier to carry size. The bag is themed after Lighting McQueen from Cars, and it has a 3D print on the front!

    The backpack has a main zippered compartment and a front zippered area. It also has adjustable shoulder straps to easily fit to your childs size. Any kid who is a fan of Lightning McQueen will love this backpack!

    Minnie Mouse Small Backpack

    Disney World Bag Rules

    Before we move on to our bag recommendations, we want to make sure your particular bag fits the rules Disney has in place for whats allowed into the park. The bags themselves need to be within these dimensions: no larger than 24 long x 15 wide x 18 high .

    All recommended bags listed below fit within these dimensions, but its important for you to prepare ahead of time by measuring the bags you plan to take in the park. Wed also suggest brushing up on the current park rules as they change from time to time and have a few prohibited items that you may not think about while packing.

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    Lets Take A Look At The Best Backpacks For Disney World

    We are always on the look out for the best backpacks and bags to take with us to Disney World so we thought we would share some different backpacks and bags that we think would do a great job of storing those Disney World Park Essentials to make your Vacation that little bit easier.

    We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

    Lets take a look at 12 great options

    Best Packable Backpacks For Disney

    What’s In My Diaper Bag For Disney World 2021 | Newborn and Toddler

    Packing for Disney is hard enough, and you might realize you have way more bags than you can even travel with! Instead of trying to turn a normal backpack into a carry-on, it might be beneficial to purchase a packable backpack that you can pack away into your luggage. You will be able to use the backpack while on the trip and then easily pack it back up for your travel home! All of our suggested packable backpacks are very affordable. These are the best backpacks for Disney that are easily packable!

    Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

    The Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack comes in varying amount of sizes and colors. The backpack is very compact because it can fold into its own inner pocket that can then be zipped up and stored away. There are multiple compartments on this backpack with zippered closures. It is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.

    This backpack comes with a carabiner clip, so you can clip the folded-up bag onto other luggage or clip other things onto the bag. There is also a security strap that can be wrapped around your water bottles to keep them extra secure in their pockets. This backpack will keep your items safe and secure during a long day at Disney!

    HIKPRO Lightweight Packable Backpack

    Even though this backpack can hold a lot, it is very lightweight and durable. There is double the fabric at the bottom of the backpack for extra durability. This is another great option for a packable backpack for the Disney parks.

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    Plan Your Disneyland Vacation

    Keep reading our blog to keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for Disneyland vacation! Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to receive helpful planning information, exclusive Disney deals, and access to the lowest priced Disney tickets anywhere. You can find more information on planning your vacation here:

    Best Sling Bag Style Backpack For Disney

    Sling bags are great for the Disney Parks if you dont have a lot of items to take with you. They are not bulky and are more comfortable than a traditional backpack. They are also very affordable too.

    We like this sling bag from Maleden as it is water resistant , comes in a selection of different colors and it is a great price too. The padded shoulder straps make it an ideal sling bag choice if you dont need to carry around a great deal. There is also a lot of zip pockets too offering different storage options.

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    Bumkins Mickey Mouse 1214 Wet Bag

    The Bumkins Mickey Mouse 12×14 Wet Bag is made of waterproof, single-ply fabric with a Mickey Mouse print. I mention the fact that this bag is only single-ply because each of us has had a horror of finding the cosmic goo growing in the hidden crevasses of our diaper bags. Im certain you want a repeat about as badly as I do. No, thank you!

    Waterproof Material

    Waterproof is another thing that makes this bag among the top for best Disney bags! This works both ways. You can keep your dry things exactly thatdry, even while toting them along on the wet rides. Or you can keep your wet mess inside the bag and away from other dry things. Whatever fits your fancy or the need of the hour. The waterproof coating embedded into this 100% polyester bag plus its heat-sealed seams and the smooth zipper makes all of this possible.

    Convenient Snap Handle

    How horrible is it to try to find somewhere to put a bag while youre walking through the mall? Could you imagine trying to find the perfect spot for one while walking all through Disney? What if you needed a break from carrying it? The Bumkins Mickey Mouse Wet Bag is a simple bag to find places for. This is because of the convenient snap handle. You merely unsnap the handle and snap it around the changing table, suitcase handle, or Disney-approved stroller that you want to attach it to!

    Easy to Clean


    Best Stylish Backpacks For Disney

    Top 5 Disney Bags to bring with you to the parks

    Just because backpacks are functional doesnt mean they cant be stylish! There are some amazingly cute Disney backpacks out there, but heres a small list of some of the best backpacks for Disney that are still stylish! Disney Loungefly backpacks are a cult favorite of the Disney community!

    Even though Loungefly bags can be pricey, they certainly dont skimp on the quality. The is an adorable backpack that can be added to your collection. It has a quilted look, 3D ears at the top of the bag, and a black bow.

    Not only is the backpack cute, but it is also actually quite functional. It may look small, but it can hold a good amount of stuff. There is a front zipper pocket, and the main part of the backpack has a zippered close. This backpack has adjustable straps and a carrying handle. Its perfect for an easy Disney day!

    Here is the matching !

    Bowknot Mini Backpack

    Want an adorable backpack without the Loungefly cost? This Bowknot Mini Backpack is the bag for you! It comes in a variety of colors, and some even have 3D ears like the last backpack! This small backpack is cute and functional. It has three zippered compartments to hold all of your valuables.

    The backpack has adjustable straps, a carrying handle, and can be converted into a shoulder bag. Its perfect for a stroll around the parks, the resorts, and Disney Springs!

    Stitch Loungefly

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    Awesome Sling Backpacks For Disney That Are Amazing

    There are a ton of things to worry about on a Disney World vacation, from flight tickets to hotel reservations. But once youre ready to enjoy your day at the parks, theres a new problem that arises: what exactly am I going to use to carry everything I need at Disney World.

    And this is where the wonderful world of sling backpacks comes in!

    Now, there are a lot of options to choose form when it comes to picking the perfect bag for Disney World. For example, a traditional backpack is nice, but Id argue it can put too much pressure on your back and neck.

    And if youre a woman, while you might initially think youll be fine rocking a handbag or purse, you might find that walking around with that on your wrist gets a bit annoying after countless hours. Not to mention that you may find it to be too small of a bag to fit everything you need to use at Disney World.

    So is there a middle ground? Is there a bag thats big enough to fit everything you need, but comfortable to wear for hours at a time?

    Yepand that why sling backpacks are growing in popularity and use in Disney World.

    My favorite thing about a sling bag though is that it helps to maximize my mobility and save time. When I am at Disney, there is nothing more annoying than wanting to take a picture but having to waste time digging your phone or camera out of your large backpack. Sometimes, by the time you retrieve the camera, the photo opportunity is gone.

    Add Hooks Hooks And More Hooks

    Children are the only thing I want to be carrying at Disney World, and even that is questionable at times. When I was gifted a set of mommy stroller hooks, I quickly realized how essential those hooks were, especially when heading to Disney World. Just clip them onto your strollers handle and hang all your bags from them. You dont have to worry about lugging your diaper bag across your body or on your back the entire time. Stroller hooks also work great for all those extra Disney World purchases!

    These hooks are extremely affordable and available to purchase at many retail stores . I usually take 3 or 4 of them for our trips to Disney World.

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    Best Backpacks For Disney World

    Whats the best backpack for you depends on your needs. Are you looking for something very lightweight, something stylish, something for your baby or toddlers needs, something small just to carry the essentials?

    Sit back and relax. I have done all the research for you.

    Here are the best backpacks for Disney World broken down by the following: best lightweight backpack, best Mom backpack for Disney, best-insulated backpack for Disney World, best NORTH FACE backpack for Disney, best crossbody bags for Disney World, best Disney backpacks for adults, teens & tweens and best kid backpacks for Disney World.

    External Pockets & Organization

    Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack UNBOXING // Disney Diaper Bag Worth It? ð¤

    Not only are inside pockets important but outside pockets too. This is usually where we carry our water bottles. I also like to have my lip gloss, sunglasses case and hand cream in a small outside pocket so it is easier to get a hold of when needed. These are things I am not too concerned about if someone were to sneak their little hands into.

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    Best Backpack Coolerfor Disney World

    If you are planning to take some drinks and food into the parks a backpack cooler might come in handy but you need to make sure they are smaller than 24 inches x 15 inches x 18 inches.

    You should be fine with this insulated cooler backpack by Tourit. It is water resistant, has multiple pockets and has multiple compartments for storage. It has water bottle pockets on the outside and comfortable padded shoulder straps making it easy to carry around your food and drink . The main compartment has a really good storage capacity.

    The Perfect Diaper Bag

    It all starts with finding the perfect diaper bag. I absolutely love the Disney Baby collection from Petunia Pickle Bottom. The sketchbook Mickey and Minnie print is perfect for a day at the parks. The Axis Backpack is the perfect size to hold all our baby and toddler gear. It also has an insulated bottom, perfect for baby bottles and toddler snacks. The bag comes with a convenient changing pad and wipes container too.

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