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Best Clothes To Wear To Disney World In October

How Should I Dress For Disney World In December

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The most common question we get this time of year is: what to wear to Disney World in December? One of the reasons I love visiting the Disney Parks in December is the chance to wear fun holiday clothing during my trip. I recommend you go all out and pack that holiday ugly sweater so you can join in on the Christmas spirit! You will see plenty of families decked out in their holiday sweater and layers of holiday clothes. It makes for great pictures to have the entire family dressed up in their wacky holiday best for their Walt Disney World vacation.

Disney World sells a wonderful variety of holiday clothes you can wear to Disney like Christmas spirit jerseys, fun Santa hats, light up necklaces, and holiday themed short sleeve shirts. If you don’t like flip flops, you can even find holiday crocks in the stores in Magic Kingdom!

Disney World In October

Before you start packing, you will want to take a look at the weather forecast for the days of your trip. Florida weather can go from hot and sunny to stormy in just a few hours, so you will want to be prepared for anything.

The historical averages tend to show warmer weather for central Florida. In October the average temperature ranges from 60 degrees to 80 degrees fahrenheit. The average high is 85 degrees. It is safe to say you can expect warm weather for your October visit.

However, you may also experience some cooler temperatures and even some chilly nights.

Parents may also want to plan a trip to Disney World for Columbus Day Weekend so that your children will not have to miss as much school.

Is Disney Open On Christmas

Yes, Disney World is open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve! The parks will usually extend their hours during the holiday season so even though you will see a larger amount of holiday crowds you’ll have plenty of time in the day to see everything you want to.

This will be one of the most popular days of the holiday season so be ready to plan ahead with dining reservations- those spots for coveted restaurants will go fast!

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Packing For Disney World In Summer

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Summer is hot, humid, and crowded, but its also when you are most likely to be traveling to Disney World.

To fully enjoy your visit you need to be smart about your packing. Light, flowy materials are best in the summer, leave the 100% polyester at home. I like chambray shorts instead of full denim because they tend to be lighter, and will dry quicker when wet.

The water parks and hotel pools will be in full swing so dont forget your swimsuit to cool off. The one shown is reversible so you can get more than one look with it. Dont forget sunscreen , and reapply often especially if you are swimming or sweating a lot.

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Waterproof Cell Phone Case

I am so sold on this phone case. I love that its waterproof, dust/dirt proof and shock-resistant. I also love that I can seal my phone inside and still have access to the touchscreen and the camera so I can get pictures on rides and at attractions without the worry. The fact that its super-affordable makes it a no-brainer!

Rain Jacket Or Rain Poncho

Florida is known for pop up rain showers in the summer months and rainy days during hurricane season. Because Florida is a peninsula, rain is likely to make an appearance during your stay. Some seasons are drier than others, but we do recommend bringing some sort of rain jacket and having it on hand in case the weather forecast unexpectedly changes during your stay. We have an entire post dedicated to the best rain gear for your trip to Walt Disney World. It will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

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What To Wear To Disney World In The Fall

If you go to Disney World in the fall, you should expect a variety of weather patterns, much like the winter.

Its pretty guaranteed that September will be hot and November will be cooler, but what happens in between is a mystery that changes daily.

Ive provided the best packing list I can think of for what to wear to Disney World in the fall, but do check the weather before you go just in case.

Will Disney Get Rid Of Masks


In all likelihood, Disney World will relax their face mask mandates to make it optional for fully vaccinated individuals to go maskless indoors sometime in November. We saw this policy implemented this summer with the following language: Face coverings will be optional for fully vaccinated Guests in most areas.

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What To Wear To Disney World In December For Christmas

It can be challenging to decide how to dress for Walt Disney World in December. Christmas time at Walt Disney World is a popular time of the year with lots of guests visiting the parks in December. Disney World during Christmas is one of the best times of the year to visit especially if you’re looking to escape the winter weather in your area. But Florida weather can be unpredictable especially during that time of year. It’s best to create a packing list that fits all versions of Orlando December weather so you know what to wear to Disney World in December.

In this article:

Plan Your Disneyland Vacation

Keep reading our blog to keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for Disneyland vacation! Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to receive helpful planning information, exclusive Disney deals, and access to the lowest priced Disney tickets anywhere. You can find more information on planning your vacation here:

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Packing For Kids & Young Adults

If youre visiting with children and young adults, youll want to think about a few other additional considerations when it comes to packing the essentials especially when its still pretty warm out. Here are some things youll want to think about packing for kiddos and teenagers that include a few particular considerations for October park touring.

Weather In October In Disney World

20 Cute Outfits To Wear At Disney World For Memorable Trip

The average high temperature in Orlando during the month of October is 84ยบ .

The humidity is nearly gone, so while it is warm, it is not near as sticky during the day as it is in the summer months.

This marks a much drier season for Florida, and while it can rain, it usually is just a brief shower in the late afternoon.

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Guide To Going To Disney World In October

Fall is a wonderful time of year to visit Disney World. Magic Kingdom is decorated for Halloween and Epcot has the Food & Wine Festival in full swing! If you are planning a trip to Disney World in October, there is plenty to look forward to!

This is the start to the 50th Anniversary celebration which means not only are you going to be able to experience traditional Halloween festivities at the park, you will also be able to celebrate in new & exciting ways!

Picnic Blanket For Parades

Some of the most fun parts of any Disney park experience are the parades. Theyre colorful, entertaining for all age groups, and a great way to see all of your familys favorite characters. Because they can last a while and I prefer to find a great viewing spot before parades start, I always bring a comfortable blanket to sit on while we wait. This one is very compact when folded, so you can easily carry it with you or store it in a rented locker until parade time.

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What To Wear At Disney World In October

The mornings and evenings in Disney World can be pretty chilly, but the days will be warm. This makes packing clothing for a trip during October tricky because you have to balance staying comfortable with not over packing for a day at the parks!

I recommend bringing jeans or leggings to stay warm and cozy on rainy days when the temperatures are cooler. You can also change into them for the evening if you happen to take an afternoon break at your hotel.

For the daytime, I would pack light clothing options like short-sleeved tops and comfortable shorts, but bring along a lightweight jacket or sweater for early mornings and nighttime.

What To Wear To Disney World In July


Visiting Disney World in July is like stepping foot on the face of the sun itself.

Yes, its magical, its Disney, its a once in a lifetime experience for some, but its also scorching hot.

So be prepared and wear


Do not wear jeans or long pants to Disney World in July.

I repeat, do NOT wear jeans or long pants to Disney World in July.

No. No. No.

Wear your favorite pair of shorts or your least favorite pair of shorts or an athletic pair of shorts or a fashionable pair of shorts or a red pair of shorts like these ones or a blue pair of shorts like these ones.

Just wear shorts.

Tennis shoes

Try to make sure your tennis shoes are made with a breathable fabric, like running shoes that are used to being exercised in, as your feet will thank you once youve walked like 100 miles and your feet are sweating.


Youre going to need some socks for this tennis shoes, but make sure theyre short and preferably white to keep your feet the coolest .

If you have wool socks, long socks, or warm socks of any kind, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not go to Disney World.

Short sleeve shirts and tank tops

Girls, this is the time to rock the tank tops and feel the freedom of sun on your shoulders.

Guys, you can rock the tank tops too if you really want, but whatever you do, keep your sleeves short and youll get through the long, hot days with ease .


Oh, yes, its still very much poncho season.

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Food To Bring To Disneyland

Many people ask, can I bring food into Disneyland? The answer is, yes. As we discussed in the Disneyland restaurant review section, I highly recommend bringing your own snacks to the parks with you each day.

Snacks: Some of my favorite snacks for the parks are the various assortments of trek mixes, dried fruit, and granola bars from Trader Joe’s. These really sustain me throughout the trip and keep me full between breakfast and lunch. You can and have them sent directly to your hotel to be waiting for you.

Breakfast: Depending on where you are staying at Disneyland, you may have breakfast provided at your hotel. If you do not have breakfast provided with your hotel room, I suggest buying breakfast food and eating something in your room before leaving for the day. Then, if you are still hungry, stop for a snack after spending a couple of hours in the park. Do not, I repeat, do not go out to breakfast and be late to the rope drop opening of Disneyland. You need the morning to get on attractions and get Disneyland FastPass tickets.

Case of water: If you find you don’t like the taste of LA water, there are Walgreens and CVS locations within walking distance on Harbor Boulevard, just a block from the park entrances. Consider picking up a jug of water or a case of water bottles. I have never had a problem with the taste of the in-park water, but never liked the water that comes out of the faucet in the hotel room.

Packing For Disney World In Fall

Im not big on wearing shirts with logos or patterns when I travel , but I make an exception in Disney. I dont want to sport a character inspired tee everyday, but its nice to add one in during the trip. It can also double as your sleep top.

Layer for fall and be ready for fluctuations in weather. I dont have it shown, but it is always smart to bring a poncho, no matter the season. Rain is frequent, and umbrellas arent easy to maneuver in crowds. Plus, you can use it to stay dry on Splash Mountain.

In addition to visiting the parks during the day, there are some fun places to visit after hours. Let the grandparents watch the kids and go out for a drink at the fun bars around Epcot. Take a shower, put on your dress and ballet flats, and enjoy a little escape. Its supposed to be a vacation after all.

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Bottoms To Wear In Disney World

Pants can be difficult when deciding what to wear to Disney World in October. Since you are likely going to be in the park on hot days you will probably want to pack shorts, fun skirts, or capris.

You can also bring some long pants for any cooler weather. You may also want to wear a pair of shorts or pants with pockets so you can keep your valuables safe.

Whether you decide to rock a pair of shorts or leggings, or a skirt or dress, wear what makes you comfortable. Feeling comfortable and confident is the key to having fun on vacation.

If you have any special advance dining reservations you will want to pack a nice top, skirt, or dress that is appropriate. It is also extra fun to wear an outfit inspired by your favorite character!

Cute And Comfy Clothes To Wear At Disney

20 Cute Outfits To Wear At Disney World For Memorable Trip

Before you go out and buy every shirt at the store that has Mickey Mouse on it, follow these tips about the best clothes to wear at Disney. Youre headed to the original Disneyland in sunny California and not sure how to dress for the parks? Or you may be wondering what are the best clothes to wear to Disney World in wet and humid Florida? There are definite considerations to be made in either location for weather, shoes and accessories.

And I didnt forget the kids! Ive included ideas for the little Mouseketeers too. Are costumes a good idea for kids? Or should you stick to regular day wear? If youre putting together your Disney World outfits or narrowing down what to wear to Disneyland, read on for all the Disney vacation packing tips!

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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe: What To Wear To Disney World

I am terrible at packing, despite my lifestyle of traveling. If you love clothes and have an outstanding want to bring everything with you, I understand. In an effort to minimize my wants and to maximize my needs, I have decided to dive head first into the process of building an autumn capsule wardrobe.

I will be spending October and November at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and have put together a Disney autumn capsule wardrobe of 40 items and Disney outfit ideas including shoes. These will be the only items I wear until the end of the season.

The weather in Orlando at this time of year can be mischievous. It can be 30 degrees, sunny, humid and hot one day, and 15 degrees windy and cold the next. *ps. this is CelsiusI am Canadian*

Traveling with limited space, but with the need as a blogger to always look presentable for photographs, I find myself paying more and more attention to what I am packing, how I am packing, and if I can pack it all into a carry on sized bag. Travel and lifestyle blogging means that I am constantly looking to create interesting content everyday and in every location. I have found that a little extra care can go a long way to be successful in this endeavour. I love the idea of a fall capsule wardrobe, especially when served with a side of Disney magic and Disney World fashion. So lets take a look at what a capsule collection is and how I created mine.

What To Wear To Disney This Summer

May 31, 2018

Heading to Disney this summer? Heres a fun what to wear to Disney list! These are all styles that are fun for a Disney trip, stylish and perfect for the hot summer months.

A white shirt wasnt a super smart choice for Disney but I wasnt there for a full day. It surprisingly worked out! Though the boys did require an outfit change!

After my post about what I wear to disney when its cold out, I promised this follow up post for what to wear to Disney when its warm out. Somethings youll want to bring along a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, extra dry clothes, and a poncho or raincoat. I always bring the boys raincoats but just have a cheap poncho for myself. Now that the boys are 3 & 5 I tend to get away with not bringing a stroller and just bring my backpack. I have had this backpack for four years now I love it. In addition to sunscreen, rain gear, hats, sunnies, I always pack a couple healthy and high protein snacks like rx bars . But heres a couple outfits I put together in case you are making your way to Orlando this summer. You can totally wear nike running shorts and a t-shirt and youll be comfortable! But I prefer dressing more like I do at home when its hot.

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