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Beauty And The Beast Dining Disney World

Disneys Perfectly Princess Tea Character Dining

Disney’s Be Our Guest Beasts Enchanted Castle Restaurant Tour New Fantasyland DisneyWorld

Where? Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

What meals do they serve? Tea Party

What do they serve? Children will enjoy apple juice tea, fruit, sandwiches, and cake. Adults will enjoy tea, cheeses, fruit, sandwiches, and various salads.

What characters are here? Each tea party will feature a visit from one classic Disney Princess

Who should go to this character dining Disney World meal? Your favorite little princess! Admission includes one child and one adult, but you can add on additional people if you have more children that want to attend for a fee. This is a great pick for those looking for more than just a dining experience, as this includes music, dancing, storytelling, gifts, keepsakes, and more. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

What costs are involved? The Tea Party is $333.64, which includes admission for one adult and one child. Admission for infants is free, but it does not include food or gifts.

Any drawbacks? This is said to be a phenomenal experience, but it is fairly expensive, especially if you have more than one child attending.

Pro tip: Dressing up is encouraged!

Beauty And The Beast: The 10 Best Menu Items At Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest is a Beauty and the Beast inspired restaurant at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Here are the best items on the menu.

At Walt Disney World, there are a number of high-quality restaurants that are inspired by nothing more than the culinary artists and food-centric savants who develop their menus, atmospheres, and identities within the theme park behemoth. However, that does not preclude Disney’s IP from creeping into some of the top eateries at all four parks and the accompanying resorts.

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This is certainly true of Be Our Guest, which makes a solid claim for the top table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast? Of course it is. But the menu is filled with options that would delight any traveling foodie, princess-inclined or otherwise.

The Pearls Are Edible

The Grey Stuff’s exterior look is fitting to its name. However, unlike the version presented in the animated film, the one at Disney parks is a bit more colorful. This dessert , comes with tiny white and grey pearls embedded into the frosting.

But it’s not just a smart decorating technique made up by Disney’s bakers these jewels are actually edible so that you can enjoy every inch of this stuff from top to bottom.

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Book Your Be Our Guest Reservation First

If you are staying at a Disney resort and book your dining reservations at 180 days out, we would advise you to book your restaurants in order of difficulty. Therefore, you should always make your Be Our Guest reservations first, regardless of whether you plan on eating there on the first or last day of your vacation.

We would also recommend that make your Be Our Guest reservations for a day towards the end of your vacation. This is because offsite guests wont have the ability to book those dates yet and your odds will increase the later your reservation dates are.

Tianas Riverboat Party Ice Cream Social & Viewing Party Character Dining

Eating Dinner at Disney Is About to Get More Expensive ...

Where? Liberty Square Riverboat in Magic Kingdom Park

What meals do they serve? Dessert

What do they serve? Ice-cream sundaes, drinks, and other treats

What characters are here? Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Who should go to this Disney World character dining meal? This experience is best for those who want a more private experience on the Riverboat or families with children who love Tiana and Naveen. After the ice-cream social, guests will all board the Riverboat and watch the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

What costs are involved? Guests must have paid park admission to have access to Tianas Riverboat Party. The experience itself is $49 per adult and $29 per child.

Any drawbacks? This experience is currently not offered while refurbishments are being made to the Riverboat. Additionally, the view of the parade leaves something to be desired.

Pro tip: Make sure to view the parade from the top level for the best views.

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Look For A Coveted 8 Am Breakfast Reservation

How does it get more coveted than a Be Our Guest reservation? An 8 AM Be Our Guest Reservation! Saavy Disney planners know that theres a lot to love about nabbing an 8 AM breakfast spot at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom. During normal operating hours , the Magic Kingdom does not officially open until 9 AM. For those lucky enough to nab an 8 am reservation, this means you gain access to Fantasyland before the park opens to the general public. Though the rides dont officially open until 9 AM, Dining at 8 AM does mean that you should finish up your lovely breakfast in time to be among the first in line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or another Fantasyland attraction before the crowds start to swell!

Cinderellas Royal Table Character Dining

Currently, this character meal is not advertised as having characters present however Cinderella has been spotted from a distance waving to those that are dining. You can read our full review to see how it compares.

Where? Inside Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom Park

What meals do they serve? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

What do they serve? Breakfast offers you many tasty options from Baked Quiche to Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast to Shrimp and Grits. If you prefer a lunch or dinner meal, youll be treated to a grand, three-course meal including choices between Braised Pork Shank, Fish, Chicken, and more. Of course, kids meals are available too.

What Disney World characters are here? Classic Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Rapunzel

Who should go to this Disney World character dining meal? Anyone who is desiring a truly immersive experience, those seeking fine dining, and especially families with young princess-lovers will love this experience.

What costs are involved? Guests must have paid park admission to have access to Cinderellas Royal Table. On its own, average over $60 per adult.

Any drawbacks? This is one of the most expensive character dining options.

Pro Tip: Each guests receives a complimentary photo with Cinderella.

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Breakfast At Be Our Guest Restaurant

Most of the food that is offered at Be Our Guest Restaurant is French-inspired. For breakfast, they have Croque Madame which is an Open-faced Ham Sandwich topped with a Fried Egg, Gruyere Cheese, and Béchamel and one of my favorites! They also offer crepes, quiche and of course the feast a la Gaston with Scrambled Eggs, Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Apple Smoked Bacon, and Sausage. All meals come with a selection of pastries and fresh fruit.

For the kiddos who may not be as adventurous, they have scrambled eggs, crepes, french toast, cereal, and oatmeal.

For quicker service, you can pre-order in the My Disney Experience app 30 days to even 5 minutes before your reservation.

Be Our Guest Dining Review

Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast Restaurant at Disney World

Be Our Guest is a themed restaurant experience set in the Beast’s Castle from Beauty & the Beast in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This is one of the most popular dining locations at Disney World with a price tag to match. The only character you will meet is the Beast during your meal but this might make it worth it alone for some guests since this is a rare character to find!

We recently dined at Be Our Guest in November 2020 and have our honest review to help you decide if this popular, yet pricey, experience is worth it. Keep reading for our Be Our Guest review!

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It Comes In Different Forms

A post shared by Be Our Guest Travel Company on Jun 21, 2019 at 8:40am PDT

As you may have realized, the grey stuff does come in various shapes and sizes. You can opt to get a simple spoonful of just the delicious mousse, complete with its affixed toppings of edible pearls and chocolate. Or you can get the shortbread cookie version , with can come with or without the cupcake intact.

The Master’s Cupcake can also be found at Disneyland or Disneyworld and it comes in the cupcake version with a dollop of grey stuff on top. And finally, there is the grey stuff serves by Chip.

Character Appearance Versus Character Meal

Most guests are aware that Be Our Guest Restaurant is not a traditional Character Meal . However, the Table Service meal does typically offer a very rare opportunity.

The Beast Souvenir

While this feature is NOT available at the moment in keeping with current safety measures , the prix-fixe Table Service meal gives guests the chance to meet The Beast himself at the end of their meal, and have a photo taken with him!

The Beast greets visitors in his study during Dinner

This is a pretty huge deal, since The Beast is very rarely seen in the parks. While he has made appearances with Belle in EPCOTs France pavilion, his presence is not consistent, making this pretty much the only guaranteed photo op with this truly memorable character. A reader mentioned, I do miss meeting The Beast after the meal, but I know this change is only temporary.

The Beast greeting guests at Be Our Guest Restaurant

We are happy to say, though, that The Beast IS making physically distanced appearances strolling through the restaurant in the meantime. One reader shared:My kids enjoyed seeing the Beast, even from a socially distanced standpoint.

Beast with the Rose

So, yes, it is very cool to see The Beast! But it might be worth keeping in mind that a traditional Character Meal allows you the opportunity to meet and get your photos taken with several characters for a lesser cost than what you will pay at Be Our Guest Restaurant .

Belle at Akershus

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What Time Does Be Our Guest Restaurant Open

Breakfast at Be Our Guest restaurant is served from 8 am-10:30 am I love getting a reservation first thing at 8 am so that we are in the park before it opens and that way we are done eating just in time to race over to Mine Train without a long wait!

Lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant is served from 11 am-2:30 pm For lunch, I like to eat a bit later, maybe around 1-1:30 pm to take a break while the lines build back up after everyone else has already eaten.

Dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant is served from 4 pm to as early as 6 pm or as late at 10 pm seasonally. Dinner can vary for us depending on what FastPasses we have for the evening but we tend to like to eat after 6 pm to recharge before the fireworks!

Be Our Guest Restaurants Theming And Ambience

Be Our Guest will serve breakfast at Disney

All checked in? Youll then cross over the bridge toward the rocky facade, complete with a flowing waterfall, to enter the Beasts castle. Gothic-style gargoyles hold up massive lamp posts along the way and large lion statues guard the doors. Once you step inside, theres a beautiful mosaic of Beauty and the Beast on the left and a corridor with knights in armor on the right. When its time to be seated, youll proceed through the foyer to enter the Grand Ballroom.

At Be Our Guest, the restaurant is split into three enchanting dining areas the Grand Ballroom, the Castle Gallery and the West Wing transporting you right into a storybook setting. The details are so captivating that youll froget youre at a theme park!

The elegant Grand Ballroom is centrally located and the largest of the three dining rooms. It has a high, domed ceiling, chandeliers, columns and archways, and was designed to be a replica of the ballroom in the beloved animated film. We love sitting by the floor-to-ceiling windows where you can watch snow falling outside in the night sky. Be sure to look up at the ceiling as well. Youll see a mural of cherubs, which are said to be the faces of Disney Imagineers babies. Because of its size, the room can be quite loud. However, the tables are spaced out for physical distancing, so the dining room does not fill up as much as before.

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Tips For Dining At Be Our Guest

by Melissa Roden·March 14, 2019

Planning a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth and including a visit to Magic Kingdoms Be Our Guest Restaurant is a Disney World rite of passage. In fact, no other eatery at Walt Disney World creates a fervor quite like this New Fantasyland restaurant set in a replica of Beasts castle from Beauty and the Beast. Is it worth it? We here at MickeyBlog certainly think so. However, there are some tips and tricks to feasting at this coveted eatery. With that in mind weve created 10 helpful tips when it comes to planning a visit to Be Our Guest.

Dont Be Afraid To Walk

I have had clients feel absolutely defeated at not being able to get a Be Our Guest dining reservation. However, if your schedule is flexible, remember that you ALWAYS have the option of walking up to Be Our Guest and asking to be put on the stand-by list. Will it mean waiting around for a while? Probably. But I have had clients who have managed to walk into Be Our Guest for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It NEVER hurts to pop by during your stroll through New Fantasyland to get a sense of how long the wait might be! Even without a reservation, you may still be able to enjoy all this popular eatery has to offer.

For breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest will typically set visitors back $15 $34.99 per adult or 1 Quick Service Dining Credit. For Dinner, the cost is in excess of $60 per adult or 2 Table Service Dining Credits. Visit for a complete look at the menus for all three meals.

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Cape May Caf Character Dining

Where? Disneys Beach Club Resort, Epcot area

What meals do they serve? Breakfast, brunch, and dinner

What do they serve? For the breakfast buffet, enjoy everything from breakfast meats and breads to pastries, cheeses, and more. The brunch menu is the same, but offers a choice of alcoholic beverages for an added fee. Enjoy a seafood buffet at dinner with sides like breads, soups, salads, cheeses, and plenty of favorites for children to enjoy. There are also many options for those who do not enjoy seafood.

What characters are here? Characters are only available for breakfast and brunch, so make sure you make a reservation for early in the day. Youll find Minnie with some of her friends like Goofy, Donald, and Chip n’ Dale.

Who should go to this Walt Disney World character dining meal? This is a less popular character dining spot, but the food is still excellent, so those who are wanting a less crowded experience with more one-on-one time with the characters will enjoy this. Also, its a do-not-miss for those looking for some good seafood.

Any drawbacks? Characters are only available during breakfast and brunch.

What costs are involved? Expect to pay around $35 for adults for character dining, and about $20 for children.

Pro tip: This is also the only place you can enjoy Oreo bonbons, one of Disney Worlds most famous dishes .

Belle Castle Journal Beauty And The Beast Disney Castle Collection Limited Release

Tour Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland | Walt Disney World

Dreams of adventure come true with this limited release journal featurin

This item is limited to 5 per Guest.

This will ship on or around01/01/2500. You will be notified via email when it is ready to ship.

Product Details Product Details

Dreams of adventure come true with this limited release journal featuring Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast. Detail your exploits on the lined pages divided into sections by fully illustrated spreads. Pull-out poster, silvery edging, and a glittering bookmark charm add that special dash of drama.

  • Dimensional Beast’s Castle design with high gloss metallic finish
  • Authentic to film design as seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
  • ”Castle Collection Vol X” on spine
  • Lined pages with corner illustrations
  • Sections divided by five full color background interior spreads with character overlays
  • Fairytale filigree endpapers with Belle, Beast, and Enchanted Rose silhouettes
  • Silver page edging
  • The Disney Castle Collection is a series of 10 releases celebrating the storied spaces of our most beloved heroines. Live in magic by collecting them all!
  • Satin bookmark with glittering cloisonné Disney Castle Collection logo charm
  • Approx. 150 sheets
  • Includes pull-out poster collage of castle interior settings
  • Number 10 of 10 in the Series
  • Part of the Disney Castle Collection, each item sold separately
  • 9 1/2” H x 7 1/2” W x 1” D
  • Charm 3/4” Diameter
  • Poster 22” H x 18” W
  • Imported

Shipping & amp Delivery Shipping & Delivery

Reviews Reviews Reviews

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