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Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney World

Do I Need Advanced Dining Reservations

Tour Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland | Walt Disney World

Reservations are in my opinion a must. You could chance it and walk up to the entrance and hope that they have a table but this is definitely one of the most popular restaurants in the Magic Kingdom so I would also book this one as soon as possible, ideally at the 180-day mark for Be Our Guest restaurant.

Speak Up About Any Seating Preferences You Have At Dinner

As I mentioned above, seating for breakfast and lunch is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, for dinner, a Cast Member will escort you to your seat. If you are splashing out on a three-course meal at Be Our Guest, dont hesitate to let the staff know if you have a seating preference. Want to feast in the library, near the snowy window in the ballroom or in the gothic West Wing? It cant hurt to ask. Though staff may not always be able to accommodate your request, Ive found that more often than not they will be happy to spread a little pixie dust your way!

The Interior Of Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest serves French-inspired cuisine in three dining rooms within Beasts castle. The dining rooms include 1. a ballroom modeled after where Belle and the Beast danced and adorned with chandeliers, 2. the West Wing where the rose is kept, and 3. a gallery with paintings and a music box depicting Belle and Beast.

There are high medieval windows throughout, murals of characters from the film, as well as the Enchanted Rose. The interior is really quite spectacular!

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Be Mindful That Dinner At Be Our Guest Is Two Dining Credits

When Be Our Guest first opened dinner here would set those on the Disney Dining Plan back 1 Table Service Dining Credit. However, last year Disney introduced a three-course menu for Dinner and raised the prices and the dining credits for dinner to 2 Table Service Credits per person. The menu is big on French fare with dishes such as Roasted Pork Tenderloin or Spice-Dusted Lamb Chops but is it worth it? If you are looking for one magical meal to have at Disney and cost isnt an issue then a scrumptious dinner here may perfectly suit your needs. However, for those looking to save a bit of cash, Breakfast and Lunch offer a great way to experience the cuisine and ambiance of this beloved eatery at a fraction of the cost. Those looking for awesome character interactions would also do better to book Cinderellas Royal Table which also comes in a 2 Table Service Credits but features lots of character interaction.

Two Andys Take On Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Review

In this section, I will interview my four-year-old son, Andy, and ask him his thoughts on this magical restaurant. All answers will be his own. Some of his answers might not make any sense because he is just a crazy boy and speaking crazy is his first language. You have been warnedagain

Well, there you have it! What do you think about Be Our Guest Restaurant Do you love it? Do you dislike it? Did you learn something new from this post? I would love to hear from you! Let me know down in the comments below! Also, if you have any photos of you or your family at Be Our Guest, tag me on Instagram !

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Mango Fruit Bar At Magic Kingdom

Next, were stopping by Maurices Popcorn Cart in New Fantasyland. I dont know if thats what its called. But thats what Im callin it.

Maurices features some of the standard, pre-packaged Frozen Treats that we all love Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Sandwiches, Frozen Chocolate-Dipped Bananas, that adorableOlaf Frozen Lemonade Strawberry Bar , and the Plain OleStrawberry Bar

Maurices Popcorn Cart Menu Click to Enlarge

But I also spied something I hadnt seen before the Mango Fruit Bar. Heres the interesting thing, though. Its not a fruit bar like you think of a fruit bar. One look told me this one wasnt just fruit, but Ice Cream too.

Mango Fruit Bar

And if the word Helado on the front doesnt confirm it for you, the ingredients, which include

By Brooke

Flowers are not all thats blooming at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival! This event which is happening right now through May 17 combines the best of all things: Spring and some truly Awesome Dishes!

The deliciousness comes courtesy of the Outdoor Kitchens. The kiosks, situated throughout World Showcase, provide guests with the opportunity to taste some fresh flavors of the season as well as some regional fare.

Smokin at the Smokehouse

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Be Our Guest Breakfast Times Rope Drop And Park Touring

This section is a bit of a diversion to discuss picking your reservation time to work with your Magic Kingdom rope drop strategy. I personally think its really important, but if youre just here to see pretty photos and read about foodwell honestly youre probably on the wrong site to begin with, but skip down to Arrival and Check In.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: Basics

Be Our Guest is located in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is set inside of Beasts Castle .

Be Our Guest is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. It is unique among Disney World restaurants in that reservations are required for all meals, even though breakfast and lunch are considered quick service .

Since this is an in-demand dining location, I recommend making reservations as soon as possible, ideally 180 days in advance.

Remember that if you have a Disney resort reservation you can make dining reservations for your entire stay, even many days into your trip. You might need to use this tactic to get the time you want at Be Our Guest.

Though breakfast and lunch are technically quick service, servers deliver the food to your table on fancy brass carts. There is real silverware, though you do get it yourself. So these meals are definitely more refined than your standard counter service experience at Magic Kingdom!

The cuisine at Be Our Guest is French-inspired, though I dont find the food to be very adventurous. Picky eaters will be able to find something familiar.

Dining At Be Our Guest

Tips and Secrets for Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World!
  • Location: Magic Kingdom
  • Price: Adults $62.00 / Child $37.00
  • Characters: The Beast
  • Link to menu

One of the most popular restaurants in all of Walt Disney World, the real draw here is the setting.

Themed to look like The Beasts Castle, once you enter youll find 3 distinct dining areas:

  • The Grand Ballroom
  • The West Wing
  • The Castle Gallery

All 3 are great but if youre interested in one more than the other, just let your hostess know and theyll try to accommodate your request.

Traditionally this restaurant was a hybrid between Quick Service and Table Service where breakfast and lunch were served Quick Service-style while Dinner was a Signature Table Service Dining experience.

Since the reopening, though, Be Our Guest is solely Table Service with only lunch and dinner services available.

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Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Counter

Unfortunately, no the counter-service breakfast and lunch have been done away with since the restaurant reopened on July 11, 2021. And while the midday meal was replaced with a prix-fixe version, with the same set price tag as Be Our Guest’s dinner, Disney has opted to leave breakfast indefinitely suspended. It’s unknown at this time whether this is a permanent state of affairs or just a temporary situation.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: How To Pre

If you have a reservation for either breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest, you have the option to pre-order your meal before you arrive. You can place your order on the Disney World website.

I thought I remembered being able to place my order in the My Disney Experience app at some point, though that doesnt seem to be available at this point in time.

Just click Place Your Order to get started.

You will be able to choose from everything available on the entire menu, including kids meals, drinks, and desserts.

You can also do some customization of your order.

For example, you can order the Tuna Nicoise Salad with or without eggs, and chose to have your dressing or the side or tossed with the salad.

On the site, you place your order ahead of time but pay for it upon arrival. You can pay with a credit card, Disney gift card, cash, or use your Disney Dining Plan.

You can also use your Magic Band to make charges back to your room folio if you are staying at a Disney World resort.

You can make changes to your order up until you arrive at the restaurant. I have used preorder once and have waited and ordered in person on another trip. It may save you time to preorder if you are visited during peak times but I dont think it is required to have a good experience.

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Eating At Be Our Guest Restaurant

I personally really only feel that lunch is a good value at Be Our Guest restaurant. But if youve never eaten here before though and youre really wanting to get in on this dining experience. Then go for any at all, it doesnt matter if its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I definitely think its worth it to enjoy the experience no matter what at least once.

After that, I would go for lunch generally speaking. I feel that breakfast and dinner are a little overpriced for what youre going to get and you get the same ambiance no matter what time you go.

Once you have your reservation for Be Our Guest restaurant the hard parts over. But youll want to show up 15 minutes before your reservation. As youre looking at the beast castle theres a bridge that leads up to it. Now before you get onto the bridge to the left is a little turret, you can check-in right there with a couple of cast members that will be waiting to help you.

Once youve checked in youre going to want to go down the right side of the bridge if you want to avoid anyone leaving Be Our Guest restaurant who will be hugging the left side. At the end of the bridge is some self-serve ice water, but Im going to admit that I see that empty pretty often, especially if its even remotely warm outside.

At this point, theyre also going to give you a menu to start looking over. Once you finish the ordering process it is up to you to seat yourself in Be Our Guest restaurant.

Make Two Breakfast Reservations

be our guest

Magic Kingdom is known to adjust its hours in order to accommodate the expected crowds. In order words, you cant always count on the park opening at the stated time when you went to make your dining reservations.

So what happens if you have made your reservations for 8 a.m. and then the opening time suddenly switches to 9 a.m.?

Since we cant count on open time to remain constant, it may be a good idea to make 2 breakfast reservations as you book your Advance Dining Reservations. You could make one reservation for a time before the park is scheduled to open and another one closer to 10:30. As your trip approaches, you can assess the opening time and cancel the one that doesnt fit into your touring plans.

Its always good to have options!

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Dine In Elegance At The Be Our Guest Restaurant In Disney World

You can expect to see many variations with all the improvements coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, whether in the attractions, the hotels, stores, and even the restaurants. One of these improvements is taking place at the Magic Kingdoms super-popular Be Our Guest restaurant.

Since the Beast opened its massive castle gates to tourists during the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion in 2012, Be Our Guest Restaurant has been a fan favorite. It continues to enchant guests with its unique fairytale atmosphere.

Before the kitchen becomes a table-service restaurant for dinner, guests will feast on French-inspired fare that is counter-service for breakfast and lunch. Heres everything you need to know about this magical dining experience!

Image Source: The Medium

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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review & Tips

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

Magic Kingdoms Be Our Guest restaurant is one of the most popular dining locations in all of Walt Disney World. Heres my Be Our Guest restaurant review to help you decide if its a must-do on your Disney vacation!

What Is Be Our Guest Restaurant

Step Inside Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a table service restaurant in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is popular with families, solo travelers, and fans of the movie that inspired the restaurant because of its attention to detail and spectacular service.

I love going to Be Our Guest Restaurant in the late afternoon for lunch just before the restaurant switches over for its dinner service. Its a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Magic Kingdom, and the food is great.

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Whats On The Menu At Be Our Guest Restaurant

The current menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a lovely prix-fixe three-course menu where you can pick one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert for a set price.

For appetizers diners can choose from traditional French-inspired dishes like French onion soup or a cheese plate.

When entrees are ready to be ordered consider the filet mignon, which comes with potatoes, vegetables, a mushroom and garlic puree and a red wine sauce. The sea scallops with seasonal risotto, fennel and apple is also a good choice.

Dessert here is a flight of three desserts, where you can choose from the grey stuff, lemon curd with vanilla cake, macarons, and dark chocolate truffles.

Both the lunch and dinner menu at Be Our Guest are the same, so theres no need to worry about missing out on a dish by dining at one time versus another.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant made its debut in Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom as part of the Fantasyland expansion in 2012, and the parks dining scene has never been the same since!

Be Our Guest Bridge Entrance

Be Our Guest Restaurant has enchanted guests ever since it opened, delivering French-inspired cuisine right inside of the Beasts castle from the beloved animated film Beauty and the Beast. Its completely immersive setting is unlike any other, and its the reason why it is almost always a challenge for guests to snag an Advance Dining Reservation for this in-demand dining experience!

In addition to its uniquely memorable setting, Be Our Guest Restaurant also made history as being the first restaurant in the Magic Kingdom to serve alcohol to guests.

AND Be Our Guest restaurant offers guests the rare opportunity to see THE BEAST himself! You can see our list of things to know before dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant here!

PLEASE NOTE:Upon the reopening of Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest Restaurant serves only Lunch and Dinner, and both meals feature a prix fixe menu . This page has been updated accordingly however, we are keeping our reviews and information about the previous Breakfast and Lunch service accessible on this page for both historic purposes and in case the restaurant returns to its previous service styles for all three meals in the future.

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Character Appearance Versus Character Meal

Most guests are aware that Be Our Guest Restaurant is not a traditional Character Meal . However, the Table Service meal does typically offer a very rare opportunity.

The Beast Souvenir

While this feature is NOT available at the moment in keeping with current safety measures , the prix-fixe Table Service meal gives guests the chance to meet The Beast himself at the end of their meal, and have a photo taken with him!

The Beast greets visitors in his study during Dinner

This is a pretty huge deal, since The Beast is very rarely seen in the parks. While he has made appearances with Belle in EPCOTs France pavilion, his presence is not consistent, making this pretty much the only guaranteed photo op with this truly memorable character. A reader mentioned, I do miss meeting The Beast after the meal, but I know this change is only temporary.

The Beast greeting guests at Be Our Guest Restaurant

We are happy to say, though, that The Beast IS making physically distanced appearances strolling through the restaurant in the meantime. One reader shared:My kids enjoyed seeing the Beast, even from a socially distanced standpoint.

Beast with the Rose

So, yes, it is very cool to see The Beast! But it might be worth keeping in mind that a traditional Character Meal allows you the opportunity to meet and get your photos taken with several characters for a lesser cost than what you will pay at Be Our Guest Restaurant .

Belle at Akershus

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