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Be My Guest Disney World Menu

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2021 Lunch Menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant | Disney World Magic Kingdom

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Be Our Guest Dinner Cost

At time of publishing, the Be Our Guest dinner runs $60 per adult . For those 3 to 9 years old the 3 course meal cost is $36 per child. These prices do not include tax or tip.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan please note that Be Our Guest dinner is now a signature table service meal. This means a dinner at Be Our Guest will use 2 table service credits.

Genie+ Tips For Busy Days In Disney World And Disneyland

Are you planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland during a busy time of year? Besides securing all your hotel and dining reservations, you might be wondering whether it will be worth paying for Disneys two new paid services to skip the line at select attractions Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection .

Well, youve come to the right place! These paid services can help you maximize your time in the parks during the most crowded days of the year, but youll need to know how to use them to get the most out of them throughout your day. So, here are our TOP tips!

As a quick refresher, Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections are part of the new Disney Genie service that rolled out in both Disney World and Disneyland in Fall 2021.

In Disney World, Genie+ costs $15 per person, per day and provides guests with access to Lightning Lanes at over 40 different attractions throughout all four parks. Plus, it comes with that can be accessed for 45 days after your purchase.

In Disneyland, Genie+ costs $20 per person, per day and includes about 20 attractions across both parks. And, while PhotoPass AR filters are not included, Disneyland guests receive from the day of their purchase.

Disneyland selection times are a bit different, with all guests able to make their first Genie+ and/or Individual Attraction Selection when they first enter the park.

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Lunch At Be Our Guest Restaurant

For lunch Be Our Guest restaurant offers some great soups and salads for lighter fare, along with Braised pork which is delicious, Slow-cooked Pork with Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, and Bacon served with Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean as well as a few sandwiches including a french dip sandwich.

For the kids, they offer Meatloaf, Turkey Sandwich, slow-cooked pork, Grilled shrimp, Macaroni with marinara sauce, and grilled cheese with turkey noodle soup.

For quicker service at Be Our Guest Restaurant, you can pre-order in the My Disney Experience app 30 days to even 5 minutes before your reservation.

Tabletki Z Drody Piwowarskich Z Dodatkiem Sproszkowanego Korzenia Arcydzigla

The Walt Disney World Picture of the Day: Be Our Guest ...

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rednia zawarto substancji charakteryzujcych produkt w zalecanej porcji dziennej :Tiamina 32 % RWS 0,35 Ryboflawina 18 % RWS 0,25 Niacyna 19 % RWS 3,05 Sproszkowany korze arcydzigla 110,0 RWS oznacza referencyjne wartoci spoycia

Uwaga! Preparat naturalny, niestandaryzowany. Witaminy s pochodzenia naturalnego , w zwizku z tym mog wystpowa wahania zawartoci tych skadników, charakterystyczne dla produktów naturalnych.

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After Seven Dwarfs Minetrain

Our strategy after we get off of Mine Train is to get theheck out of Fantasyland. Everyone tends to come in this direction at rope dropand it can get congested quick. We love Thunder Mountain so we make our wayover to Frontierland, which is essentially empty.

When we tried this in December 2018, we walked ontoThunder Mountain a couple of times and then proceeded to ride Splash Mountainover and over again, much to the delight of all of us. After that we hit up HauntedMansion with very little wait.

Prix Fixe Menu Changes

Among the appetizers, the Escargot has been removed from the options for adults.

Guests will still be able to choose from French Onion Soup, Maine Lobster Bisque, Mixed Field Greens and a selection of Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheese.

Adult Entrees previously included Spice-dusted Lamb Chops however, that selection is also gone. Remaining choices feature the Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin, Center-cut Filet Mignon, Poulet Rouge Chicken, Pan-seared Sea Scallops and the plant-based Roasted Corn and Spinach Tortellini.

Filet Mignon at Be Our Guest

The little Belles and Beasts in your group will no longer find the Seared Shrimp Skewer as one of their Entrée choices. But they will be able to order their choice of Grilled Beef Tenderloin, House-made Macaroni & Cheese, or Pan-seared Chicken Breast.

And to go along with it, they can choose two from among Sautéed Zucchini, Steamed Green Beans, Sweet Potato Wedges, and Wild Rice. But the Cauliflower Fried Rice is no longer an option.

As the Dining Room proudly presents your DESSERT, guests will still be presented with the Dessert Trio of a Lemon Jam Macaron, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and a White Chocolate Chip Cup filled with the famous GREY STUFF.

Dessert Trio

Children receive their own version of the dessert plate!

Kids Dessert Trio

So, that is what the menu changes look like for the prix-fixe meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

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Be Our Guest Dining Rooms

Beasts Castle offers up three different rooms for yourdining pleasure. While all of the rooms have their own unique touches, they are not all created equal. There are times when only twoof the dining rooms are opened for seating, typically when the restaurant isjust opening. But all the rooms open up as soon as a larger crowd arrives.

Regardless of which room you end up eating in, you shouldabsolutely take the time to explore each of the dining rooms and take plenty ofpictures.

Final Thoughts On This Be Our Guest Dinner Review

Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Dining Review – Walt Disney World 2020

I thought the new Be Our Guest dinner was an improvement over our previous experiences there for dinner. We enjoyed our meal but wished that it had gone a little faster.

Our meal took nearly two hours, but staff said that was because of extra arrangements made for Elizabeths food allergy. When I asked a cast member how long people should expect a normal Be Our Guest dinner to take, I was told 60 to 90 minutes on average.

I still think that the best way to experience Be Our Guest is with a quick service lunch. Several lunch choices are delicious and the prices are much lower. At lunch you can experience the beautiful castle and see why Be Our Guest is such a popular venue.

If you really want to meet the Beast or have dinner in the castle then go for it. I think the new Be Our Guest Dinner is better than it was in the past. If you would rather have a non-character table service meal at Magic Kingdom or cant get a reservation for Be Our Guest then I suggest going to my favorite table service place Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: Dining Rooms

There are three distinct dining rooms at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Since you can choose where you sit for breakfast and lunch it helps to know what to expect. At dinner, you can request to be seated in a specific room.

The largest room is the Grand Ballroom, pictured above. It is very impressive and there is always snow falling outside of the windows on the far side of the room. That said, it can get quite loud and chaotic in there, so it might not be the best choice for little kids.

The West Wing is the smallest dining room. It features a portrait of the Prince which magically changes to the Beast every so often. It also has the magic rose with petals that fall periodically.

My six-year-old daughter was terrified by this room but other kids that age may really like the spooky ambiance.

Both times Ive eaten at Be Our Guest we dined in the Castle Gallery room. It features a large music box in the center of the room that the Beast gave to Belle as a wedding gift. There are paintings of Belle and the Beast around the room that are fun to check out as well.

Be Our Guest Dinner Review

The new Be Our Guest dinner is a three course prix fixe menu. Adults get to choose an appetizer and a main course. There is a set dessert sampler to complete the adult meal.

Kids age 3 to 9 years choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert. One non-alcoholic beverage is also included in the price of each child or adult meal.

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Be Our Guest Lunch: Quick Service

Quinoa Salad at Lunch

Lunch at Be Our Guest is served from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm and is a quick service meal where you order what you want off of a menu . You can just order a bowl of soup if that is all you want there is no minimum order and not everyone even needs to order an entree.

Though lunch is a quick service meal, you can make reservations up to 180 days in advance. Lunch is the most popular meal of the day at Be Our Guest so competition for reservations can be intense!

You can either place your order with a person or via a screen once you arrive, or you can pre-order your food on the Disney World website .

Youll be given a magical rose to place on a table of your choosing. You get your own drinks and silverware, then a server will deliver your order to your table.

Entrees include sandwiches, salads, roasted pork, and soups. Prices range from $12.99 to $16.99. Get the full lunch menu here.

Here is a picture of the lunch menu from my recent visit:

On this visit, I had the quinoa salad and wasnt impressed. Id suggest either the vegetable quiche or excellent potato leek soup if you are looking for a vegetarian option.

My daughter tried the kids portion of the braised pork and chose mashed sweet potatoes and green beans as her sides.

She liked the vegetables more than the pork. I thought the pork was overly salty, but I tend to think that about a lot of food in the parks. It was definitely tender and I liked the sauce on it quite a bit.

Be Our Guest Dinner: Fixed Price Signature Table Service

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review Disney World Fantasyland

Dinner at Be Our Guest is served from 4 pm to park closing and is now a fixed price signature table service meal. You get to order an appetizer and entree off of a menu and the table receives a dessert platter to share. A non-alcoholic drink is also included. The current price is around $60.

You may also be treated to a character visit the Beast himself has been known to appear in the West Wing and pose for pictures .

Dinner entrees include Pork Tenderloin, Filet Mignon, and a Seafood Bouillabaisse. Get the full dinner menu here.

Since dinner is considered a Signature meal, it requires two table service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. If you use a dining plan credit you can choose an alcoholic drink as your beverage and it will be included with your credit.

I dont consider dinner at Be Our Guest to be a great use of two dining plan credits. I estimate each TS credit is worth about $40 so it would be impossible to get $80 worth of value from dinner. That said, if you really want to experience the setting at Be Our Guest and possibly meet the Beast, go ahead and use those dining plan credits!

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Make Two Breakfast Reservations

Magic Kingdom is known to adjust its hours in order to accommodate the expected crowds. In order words, you cant always count on the park opening at the stated time when you went to make your dining reservations.

So what happens if you have made your reservations for 8 a.m. and then the opening time suddenly switches to 9 a.m.?

Since we cant count on open time to remain constant, it may be a good idea to make 2 breakfast reservations as you book your Advance Dining Reservations. You could make one reservation for a time before the park is scheduled to open and another one closer to 10:30. As your trip approaches, you can assess the opening time and cancel the one that doesnt fit into your touring plans.

Its always good to have options!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: How To Pre

If you have a reservation for either breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest, you have the option to pre-order your meal before you arrive. You can place your order on the Disney World website.

I thought I remembered being able to place my order in the My Disney Experience app at some point, though that doesnt seem to be available at this point in time.

Just click Place Your Order to get started.

You will be able to choose from everything available on the entire menu, including kids meals, drinks, and desserts.

You can also do some customization of your order.

For example, you can order the Tuna Nicoise Salad with or without eggs, and chose to have your dressing or the side or tossed with the salad.

On the site, you place your order ahead of time but pay for it upon arrival. You can pay with a credit card, Disney gift card, cash, or use your Disney Dining Plan.

You can also use your Magic Band to make charges back to your room folio if you are staying at a Disney World resort.

You can make changes to your order up until you arrive at the restaurant. I have used preorder once and have waited and ordered in person on another trip. It may save you time to preorder if you are visited during peak times but I dont think it is required to have a good experience.

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What We Thought Of Our Be Our Guest Dinner

Overall, I thought my french onion soup was good, if just a tad salty. The generous portion of melty cheese over the top was delicious. I ended up eating most of it, but didnt finish it since I knew I had more courses to come.

My entree portion of pork tenderloin was cooked to a perfect medium although it was a little small. The richness of the dish, however, was satisfying.

The dessert trio offered a good variety of items. My favorite was the Grey Stuff in the white chocolate Chip cup. The macaron was also very good. The fresh raspberries were firm and sweet with just the perfect hint of tartness. I did not care for the dark chocolate truffle. To be fair, my meal had been very rich so the lighter desserts were a refreshing change for me.

For Elizabeth, her wedge salad appetizer was unremarkable, and she only ate a small amount. However, she did like her entree better. The steak was cooked to medium and the portion size was reasonable. The sweet potato wedges were a nice compliment to the steak and green beans.

The normal dessert options for kids are fresh fruit with yogurt dip or the same dessert trio as the adult menu. Dessert is one of the most challenging things to order with Elizabeths allergy to corn and corn products. The chef ended up making her a special dessert of an undecorated white chocolate Chip cup and artfully arranged Grey Stuff.

For the most up to date Be Our Guest dinner menu check here.

Do I Need Advanced Dining Reservations

Be Our Guest Restaurant | Dining Review | Disney World

Reservations are in my opinion a must. You could chance it and walk up to the entrance and hope that they have a table but this is definitely one of the most popular restaurants in the Magic Kingdom so I would also book this one as soon as possible, ideally at the 180-day mark for Be Our Guest restaurant.

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How To Save Money On Be Our Guest Breakfast

With that in mind, there is one way you can try to save alittle money on this endeavor. I cannot verify that this will work if orderingat the restaurant, but I know that it works when you preorder.

The strategy is simply this: have adults order off of thekids menu. Thats an automatic savings of $13 per adult who does this. We havedone this and had no difficulties with it whatsoever. One thing to keep inmind, kids size portions are quite a bit smaller than grown-up portions.

In our case, my husband is not much of a breakfast eaterin general and is quite content with the smaller portion sizes of the kidsmenu. However, this would never work for me. Breakfast is a big deal in myworld and I do best with a big, hearty breakfast to start my day.

The mileage of this hack may vary depending on yourfamily, but its certainly something to consider.

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