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Bags Allowed In Disney World

Disney World Touring Items

What’s In My Carry-On Bag For Disney World!

The most necessary items to pack in your Disney day bag include your park tickets, maps, and touring plans!

Be sure to remember:

  • While your MagicBand or card is your ticket into the parks, it is always a good idea to carry personal ID. All guests must use the biometric scanners before entering each park. Should the biometric scan fail, you will be asked for a photo ID.

    Vera Bradley Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Purse

    To grab this bag in the parks, all you have to do is hop on over to Disney Springs and visit the Vera Bradly store located in the Town Center. The Vera Bradley Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Purse comes in a variety of different, colorful patterns and has a five-star rating on Amazon.

    These bags are fully lined and keeps everything in your bag neatly organized thanks to the two slip pockets. It has an adjustable strap, is machine washable and measures 12 high x 12 wide x 1 deep. These bags are extremely lightweight and are big enough to carry around all of your essentials.

    How much it costs: Like the others mentioned on this list, itll depend on where you purchase this. , its selling on average for around $60 but in stores and on their website, itll cost you around $85. To shop for this bag in a Disney-specific print you will need to get through shopDisney.

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    Best Mom Backpack For Disney

    Moms have different backpack needs than anyone else. Moms have to think of everything possible that their kids need during the day and pack that into one bag.

    The following backpacks I have listed are excellent for those Moms and Dads with babies and toddlers who will be changing diapers, hauling bottles and wipes, and an extra change of clothes, and so on.

    I have included Disney-themed diaper backpacks and a non-Disney-themed diaper backpack. Here are the best Mom backpacks for Disney.

    1. Disney Mickey Mouse Toss Head Print Backpack Diaper Bag

    The Disney Mickey Mouse Toss Head Print Backpack Diaper Bag is such a cute diaper backpack for Disney. How fun would it be to take this to the Disney Parks?!

    This backpack has a large capacity with 9 pockets to keep baby bottles, diapers, and wipes nicely organized. Included is also a changing pad and an accessory pouch to store your babys wet clothing.

    Dimensions: 13 x 1 x 15 inchesSummary: Trendy, Disney themed, large capacity to keep baby items organized

    2. Petunia Pickle Bottom District Backpack

    The Petunia Pickle Bottom District Backpack is so beautiful and nice, you will continue using this one after your trip. If I had a baby or toddler, this is the one I would be getting! Everything about it is SO me!

    It also comes with a changing pad, drawstring bottle holder, and packing cube. It conveniently attaches to most strollers.

    This is a definite best Mom backpack for Disney.

    3. RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

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    What Should I Tote Around The Parks

    Much as the contents of your purse and wallet are personal choices, so are the items youre going to tote around the parks. Even so, there are many common items that Walt Disney World vacationers should consider bringing with them to make the trip more relaxing and enjoyable. A list of the most popular items, arranged in alphabetical order, is compiled below. Avoid the temptation to carry everything on this list, however, or youll be known as the Hunchback of Disney World.

    That means youll need to give extra thought to what and how much youll carry into the Parks each day. Although youre not scaling Mount Everest, youll spend a lot of time out on the trail. It pays to think like a backpacker and carry only the essentials. Remember:

    Above all, think light, think fun, and remember that Walt Disney World isnt a trackless wilderness. You can usually find a forgotten essential sometimes for free. So note the locations of Baby Care Centers and First Aid Stations in the Parks and water parks and know what kind of resources they have for you there.

    What Should I Pack In My Disney Bag

    Adventures With Toddlers and Preschoolers: What You Should &  Shouldn

    Please note: Disney With Daves Daughters is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This post may include affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you shop using the links below at no additional cost to you.

    There are a whole host of things that you will wantto consider packing for the day for any theme park whether youre going toMagic Kingdom, Epcot or any of the parks!

    Most of this depends upon how many people are inyour party and the ages of any children. We have a list of specific things to considerbringing into Disney World here.In general, here are some of thebasic things you will want to bring no matter your age or size of your group:

    • Portable cell phone charger
    • Identification and Credit Card
    • Sun protectant this could include sunscreen, a hat, a lightweight long sleeve shirt, or even a portable fan
    • Water bottle
    • Autograph book
    • Hand sanitizer

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    M& m Minis Container Full Of Pennies And Quarters

    These are a definite Disney park bag requirement for kids who collect pressed pennies! The tubes are small and fit the coins perfectly.

    Having the tubes is a great way to stay organized while chasing down every machine in the park! Make sure to bring a container for the pressed coins as well!

    Of course, if you really want to stay organized, you can always bring along an album to put your pressed coins into right away! My kids filled theirs during our week-long trip. Its a wonderful souvenir and keepsake.

    We purchased our books online prior to arriving at Disney World, but many of the souvenir shops in the parks carry them as well.

    What About Water Rides

    While you can take your bag with you on water rides, it is not advisable to do so if you have electronics or any other equipment that you want to keep dry. If you do decide to bring your bag on a water ride, consider placing your bag in a plastic bag or wrapping it in a poncho to keep it dry, or packing small waterproof baggies to put your electronics in within your bag. Find our favorite waterproof bags here.

    Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom is the only ride with its own locker section at Disney. This is because you will likely leave the ride soaking wet. If you dont want the contents of your bag to be soaked through, consider renting a locker if you plan to ride Kali River Rapids. Small lockers are free for two hours. Large lockers are $4 for up to two hours.

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    Is It A Good Idea To Bring A Stroller To Disney

    If you have younger children, strollers are a must! You will be doing a ton of walking, and even if they dont normally use a stroller, everyone will appreciate the convenience of having somewhere for the kids to rest.

    Besides, most strollers have great storage for stashing your gear! It would be nice to have a break from carrying around your Disney park bag, even for a short while!

    And to make things even easier, Disney has designated stroller parking areas near the entrances to most rides. We found this to be super convenient during our very first visit to Disney.

    Pro Tip: If you have a common or generic-looking stroller, hang something unique and colourful on it to help distinguish it from the crowd ! A cast member will often move strollers around in order to make room for others, so yours may not be exactly where you left it.

    Is A Backpack A Good Idea For Disney World

    Packing for Disney World – CARRY-ON BAGS ONLY!

    Is a backpack a good idea for Disney World? Yes, yes, yes! A backpack or some sort of bag is an absolute must for Disney World. You will need a place to store your valuables, essentials, and anything you might purchase during the day.

    Which leads us to the next question, What should you pack in backpacks for Disney World?

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    Magic Bands And Park Tickets

    One of the perks of staying at one of the on-site Disney resorts is being issued free MagicBands. The bands are loaded with your theme park tickets, FastPasses, photo passes, meal credits and reservations .

    The bands can also unlock your room and be linked with a credit card, so you can make purchases throughout the parks, without even taking out your wallet!

    The MagicBands are easily managed with the free My Disney Experience app. Your resort-issued bands can also be customized in advance, with your colour choice and name added.

    If you have a more discerning palate, bands can be purchased at all gift shops, or even custom designed, with every theme imaginable. Styles vary from shop to shop and park to park.

    Prices usually range from about $14.99 to about $29.99. Keep in mind, the bands can be used for future Disney visits!

    If you are staying off-site, you have the option of purchasing your MagicBands in the parks. Otherwise, off-site guests will need to have their park tickets handy for entry, as well as to use as their FastPass+.

    Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

    If you have babies or toddlers be sure to consider bringing a diaper bag backpack to Disney World! This is an organizational dream, with pockets and spots for diapers, wipes, bottles, a changing pad, and more.

    This backpack can also be used as a bag or be hung on a stroller. The adjustable, comfortable straps make this perfect for a family with young children! .

    Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.8 x 16.5

    Best for: Of course, anyone with babies and toddlers!

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    Zomake Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

    While this backpack doesnt have extremelypadded shoulder straps or crazy organizational compartments it does have onething we love: compatibility. In fact, this backpack is frequently recommendedby experienced Disney travelers!

    This backpack stores in its own carrying case,making it easy to throw into your suitcase or carry on luggage. This waterresistant bag is perfect for carrying a few sweatshirts to put on in the coolFlorida evenings then roll up the bag and toss in your hoodie pocket!

    This backpack is affordable and will come inhandy after your Disney trip keep this in the trunk of the car for trips toAldi or the park!

    Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.5 x 17.7

    Best for: Literally ANYONE. This backpack shows up all over Disney World as one of the most. popular and versatile bags. If you dont need crazy amounts of organization this bag is for you.

    Below Is An Alphabetized List Of Items Commonly Brought Into The Parks And Our Thoughts About When It Might Be Right To Carry Them Along

    Disney Backpack
  • Autograph Book If you want character autographs, youll want to carry an autograph book . You can purchase these at Walt Disney World, bring one from home, or make a custom one on your printer. Bring along a thick-barreled pen that the characters can easily grasp in their gloved hands and a plastic bag to keep the book dry in your Park bag.
  • Bathing Suits Opportunities for kids to get wet are abundant at Walt Disney World. If the weather is warm or if your little one like the wet stuff, bring their bathing suits along so they can enjoy it. They could also wear suits under their clothing to save at least one trip to the restroom, but bring plastic bags to store those wet suits after their adventures.
  • Batteries or Chargers These may be for your camera, cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. Bring what you need from home, as battery and charger prices are expensive in the Parks. If you plan to use FuelRods, consider purchasing one online before you leave home. Fuelrods
  • Camera Keep your camera in your Park bag rather than lug a separate camera bag. Alternatively, you could use your camera bag as your sole bag. Another option is to use a small camera bag with a loop on the back, then slip the strap of your waist pack through it, and carry it at your waist.
  • Cash Even if you have a charge card or charging privileges on your MagicBand, a little cash is good to have on hand just in case.
  • Wet Wipes

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    Bag Storage On Gentle Disney Family Rides

    Onalmost all of the family rides at Disney theme parks, like in Fantasyland forexample, will allow you to sit next to your bag or hold it in your lap whileyou ride. If there is space on the floor you can also put your bag there aswell.

    This storage setup is used mainly for attractions like Its A Small World, Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, etc. All of these types of attractions do not allow bag storage at the ride loading area, and also have no storage pockets onboard the ride vehicles. Therefore, you are usually left holding it on your own, on the bench beside you, or on the floor.

    Some rides, like Soarin, Dumbo or Silly Symphony Swings for example, also let you leave your bag on the ground near the attraction fencing. So you dont actually have it with you during the ride. This is because the seating area on the ride doesnt have enough space for most large bags. So be prepared to follow the Cast Members directions and leave it in a safe location on the ground.

    What Kind Of Bag Should I Bring To Disney

    No bags larger than 24 long x 15 wide x 18 high are allowed in Disneyland or Walt Disney World parks.

    I like carrying a small cross-body backpack because the size keeps me from bringing more than I need. Plus, its easy to stash or loop around my leg on the more intense rides.

    To stay organized, either find a bag with inside pockets or use Ziploc bags to keep certain items together. Bagging your items may also make your security check a lot quicker.

    Another feature to look for if youre purchasing a park bag is an outer pocket for a water bottle. Then if the bottle sweats, the condensation wont soak everything in it.

    If you have young children and need to bring a diaper bag, try fitting our listed items into a gallon-sized plastic bag and tuck it into your existing bag.

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    Bag Storage On Thrill Rides And Rollercoasters

    Rides that are more thrilling, or faster, have more storage options for bags on the ride. Most of these rides have mesh pockets onboard the ride vehicle that will hold your smaller bags and loose items. If your things dont fit in the mesh pockets provided, you will simply keep the bags at your feet.

    Ihave ridden all of the thrill rides at Disney parks including Rock N RollerCoaster, Incredicoaster, Test Track and more and have never had an issue withhaving a bag at my feet during the ride. Just keep in mind that things will getjostled around a bit in your bag on these rides, so pack it accordingly.

    Disney Parks Attractions Mini Backpack Loungefly


    If you are looking for a Disney themed backpack look no further than Loungefly! This mini Disney backpack features attractions from Disney World Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Spinning Teacups, and more! This backpack has two zipper pockets and two outer water bottle style pockets.

    Dimensions: 12.24 x 11.54 x 5.98

    Best for: Women and older teen girls. This pack is bit smaller and definitely has a feminine look to it.

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    What Bags Can You Bring Into Disney World

    You can bring any style bag into Disney parks, however, they must be no bigger than 24 long by 15 wide by 18 high. Most people bring backpacks or purses. Personally, I wouldnt want to bring something that big into the parks. When we go I try and bring as small a bag as I can so that I am not lugging a heavy bag around all day. I do enough of that carrying all of the souvenirs that I buylol. I like a manageable size that I can have what I need and a little room if I need it.

    On our last trip, I used my Lounge Fly bag and it was the perfect size for my wallet, phone, personal needs and even had room to stash my Minnie Ears once they gave me a headache. I know that families with small children will need bigger bags but for us that works really well being that my daughter was willing to carry her own Lounge Fly bag with her necessities.

    What Bags Can You Take On Disney Rides

    If your bag meets the sizing requirements to be permitted into Disney parks, you can likely take it with you onto the rides, whether it be a backpack, crossbody bag, tote bag, or something else.

    There are some rides with cubbies to store your bag while you are on a ride, like Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom or Soarin Around the World in Epcot. Even thrill rides like Space Mountain and Rock n Roller Coaster allow you to bring a bag onto the ride if you can secure it.

    For example, Rock n Roller Coaster has a harness that you pull over yourself to fasten yourself in your seat. The vehicle has a small pouch that is great for storing hats and Disney Ear Headbands, but larger bags such as backpacks can be placed by your feet. Just make sure to loop a strap through your leg to keep it secure while on the ride!

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