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Average Trip To Disney World Cost

How Much Will Disney World Tickets Cost

What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

Walt Disney World has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. As much as people enjoy the hotels, pools, shopping at Disney Springs, riding the monorail, etc, most people come to Disney for the theme parks. That said, theme park tickets are of utmost importance.

In years past, single-day tickets to Magic Kingdom were more expensive than tickets to the other three parks. That isnt necessarily the case today.

These days, the price of Disney World tickets are tiered and park admission is based on which day you visit. Generally speaking, Disney ticket prices are more expensive during the times when tickets are in-demand the most and less expensive during slower times. The Summer 2020 cost of a one-day ticket to any Disney World theme park ranges from $109 to $159. If you take the average of these figures, then you can expect to pay roughly $130 per person, per day at Disney World.

Disney structures their ticket prices in a way that rewards you for longer stays. In other words, the more days you add to your Disney pass, the more the ticket price per day goes down. For example, a 1-day ticket starts at $109, while a 5-day ticket starts at $88 per ticket, per day.

Disney occasionally runs special offers, which usually entails a discount package that includes your hotel stay, dining, and tickets. The current special is a 4-Park Magic Ticket, which is currently around $356 .

Disney 4 Park Magic Ticket
Disney Park Pass System

How Many Ticket Days And Do You Need A Park Hopper For Disney World

Heres the good news: each additional day of Disney World tickets costs less than the day before. If youre planning on going to the park more than 3 days, then its very cost efficient to visit the parks each day of your stay. When adding extra days only costs around $20 per person per day, its a great deal.

And what about the Park Hopper? Its not an absolute must as long as you have enough days to see each park at least once. That said, there are several scenarios where this add on makes sense. For example, if you have only have 3 days and feel you simply must see all four parks, a Park Hopper ticket makes sense. Or, if you have a longer trip, and want to be able to revisit a particular park several evenings, you may find a Park Hopper to be valuable as well.

Are Park Hopper Tickets Worth It

This is a bit subjective. Park hopper tickets are beneficial if you have a limited amount of time in Disney World but want to see as much as possible. For example, if youve only got two days, getting a two day, hopper ticket will allow you to see all the parks. However, its impossible to go on every ride during that time. You could spend an entire day at one park and still not get on every ride . If its your first time to Disney World, spending four days is ideal.

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Cost To Go To Disney World

So how much does it cost to go to Disney World? I recommend a family of four budget $4,609 USD for a 4-day trip, but obviously, there are plenty of ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing the experience. You also obviously wont go all the way to Orlando just for four days, so your trip costs will be spread out.

For those who went to Disney as a child, thank your parents as it probably cost them a small fortune. For reference, here are guides on Universal Studios Orlando, Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World

My Disney World Cost Calculator &  Our Total Price

The costs can quickly add up, but you may be able to offset these by booking your trip during the off-season. While it seems like the parks rarely have any downtime anymore, the crowds are noticeably lower during January and February. The same can also be said for late August and early September, as soon as the kids return to school.

In the past, I also saw lower prices and crowds during the first week of October, but this will not be true for 2021 due to the parks 50th celebration. Tickets for Magic Kingdom are already sold out for October 1st.

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How Much Do Souvenirs And Merchandise Cost At Walt Disney World

Whats a trip to the most magical place on Earth without some souvenirs? While walking through Disneys delightfully decorated and themed merchandise shops can be fun, it can also be dangerous to your wallet. Disney even makes it easy to go overboard by offering merchandise pick up and delivery your purchases can be sent to the front of the park and wait for you there . And if youre staying at a Walt Disney World hotel, your items can be sent back to your resort for retrieval the next day free of charge.

I recommend browsing the Shop Disney website ahead of your vacation. The best way to do so is to select the Parks section along the top header, which will filter the merchandise to include items that are theme-park focused. Some families find it helpful to buy some items ahead of their trip, especially when there are sales and promotions.

To give you an idea of pricing, here are some of the most popular merchandise items and souvenirs. Thankfully, Disney is pretty consistent with its pricing:

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ear Headband $29.99
  • Mickey Mouse Ears Hat $27.99 adults | $19.99 kids
  • Adult graphic t-shirts $24.99-$34.99
  • Ornaments $19.99-$22.99
  • Autograph book $9.99

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Florida And Visit Orlando

Depending on how much you and your family want to spend in Orlando, you can splash out on souvenirs or keep to a tight budget. As this is very much down to personal preference, I have listed the price of some popular merchandise from inside and outside the theme parks. To create an average, I have picked a selection of items that a traditional Orlando tourist might spend on during a two week trip:

Mickey Ears $20 Harry Potter Gryffindor cape $120 Star Wars T shirt $30 Star Wars Special Edition Cola bottle $6 Baseball cap from Walt Disney World $25 Swimming pool inflatable from Walmart $6 Souvenir theme park cup $20 Minion Teddy Bear $29 Mickey Beach Towel from Target $8 Flashing Mickey wand $28

Total: $325

I am sure looking at the entire spend for a trip to Orlando, Florida, in one go like this can seem overwhelming but there is no doubt that it will be a holiday of a lifetime. If you budget properly for your Orlando trip, youll be able to enjoy yourself with no stress once you finally get to Florida. This post is designed to represent an average budget for a couple and for a family of four, but there are also lots of ways to save money if you want to spend less.

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Traveling Cheap To Disneyworld

How cheap can you make a vacation to Disneyworld? The cheapest trip to Disneyworld is about $139 per person per day for travelers willing to take standby flights, deal with inconvenience, and otherwise limit travel expenses. About 1% of rentals are available in the $0 to $100 range for an entire place, and vacation rentals can be booked for as low as $85 per night. These inexpensive rentals must be booked as early as possible and may not be in the most desirable areas. 1-star hotels are more likely to be available, with rooms starting at around $54.

Even cheaper trips are possible depending on where you live and whether you can drive. Check the cheapest times to fly for more saving ideas.

What Can I Expect To Spend On My Trip To Disney World

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

Theres no exact math and answer to this question, but we can give you the best estimates for the types of trips you can take. A big factor in how much a trip will cost for you not only depends on where you live and are traveling from, but also what kind of person you are. Not everyone is able to or wants to spend a lot of money on a family vacation.

For the sake of this article, we are going to be giving most of the prices for things as per person. We know that the stereotypical 4 person family isnt the reality for everyone, and having a per person price will give you a better idea of how much a vacation to Disney World will really cost for you and your family.

We are going to breakdown the Disney World costs by budget, mid-range, and expensive.

The Budget cost of a Disney World trip will range anywhere from $2000-$4000, and this is based on using the budget options we list later on in the article.

The Mid-range Disney World cost can range from $4000-$6000, and again is based off of the other choices for your trip.

And lastly, the Expensive Disney World cost is literally $6000 and up. You can spend as much as you want at Disney World, and the sky is the limit.

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Is The Disney Dining Plan Worth It

This is the big question you all want the answer to. Heres our short answer: if you want to put the effort in and squeeze big value out of the dining plans, yes they can be worth it. If you arent planning to put the effort into figuring out where to get value from the dining plan, youre going to get ripped off.

Disney World Trip Cost #: Getting Around

If you arent driving to Disney, you will need to figure out how you are getting around. If you are staying at a Disney World Resort there isnt much to worry about. In fact, if you stay in Disney World the whole time your transportation costs are $0.

Disney makes it very easy to get around. From picking you up at the airport to going to and from the theme parks and Disney Springs, they are your chauffeurs for the week.

If you are flying and renting a car, I would recommend renting a car using Hotwire. You dont know what specifically you are renting, but you know the main parts .

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We have used this for all our car rentals and have always been impressed. The savings can be over 50% from renting directly from the car rental agency. Its definitely worth checking out. We got our car insurance before leaving and it was very cheap compared to what was offered by the rental car company.

Daily car package $50/day and up.

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When We Asked People How Much They Spend On Their Disney World Trips We Found Out That Almost 44% Of People That Responded Spend Between $3000 To $5000

That is right in line with that $4,500 average considering our original dollar amount we mentioned at the top of this article did not include any discounts, and most savvy readers of this site would probably book their trip around available promotions.

Remember: these dollar amounts only include things like resort, tickets, and lodging and not transportation .

Calculating My Budget For How Much Food Is Going To Cost At Disney World

Disney Trip

We now have a costs for a day with a table service meal and a cost for just eating at Quick Service Restaurants.We have decided thatduring our next vacation we will have a table service meal every other day. This equates to 7 days with a Table Service Meal and 7 days just with Quick Service Dining. There is just the two of us going so we have to budget for:

7 Days with Option 1 Costs: 7 x $136.74 = $957.18 per person. For two this will total: $1,914.36.

7 Days with Option 2 Costs: 7 x $93.21 = $652.47 per person. For two this will total: $1,304.94.

This means for 14 days at Disney World in 2022 I need to allow a total budget of: $3,219.30.

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Choose The Best Time To Visit Disney World

Choosing the best time to visit Disney World is an important decision. The best time to visit Disney on a budget is in the offseason when prices of accommodation, flights and park tickets are lower and the parks are less crowded. Late January and early February are usually the cheapest times to visit.

If at all possible, avoid school and public holidays. The busiest times are June to August , Christmas/ New Year, and Thanksgiving.

In recent years October has also become a busy month as the weather is ideal, and there are Halloween celebrations and the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, but I would still visit at this time of year.

Spring Break in April is another busy time, but we have visited twice in April just after Easterit wasnt too crowded and the weather was hot.

Our last trip was in November, 10 days before Thanksgiving and it was fine, although it was busier on the Saturday before Thanksgiving . The weather was mostly hot with two surprisingly cool days .

I recommend having a rough idea of the time you can visit Disney and then checking this ranking of the best weeks to visit Disney. Usually their top pick is to arrive on one of the first three Saturdays after Thanksgiving .

However, 2021 is different because many people are deferring Disney vacations until later in the year and Disney Worlds 50th anniversary celebrations started on October 1, 2021.

The anniversary celebrations will continue for 18 months into 2023.

2021 Update: Check park reservations are available

Disney World Cost Calculator: Buying Tickets

Park tickets will account for a large portion of your Disney World cost calculations.

Disney World considers children to be between the ages of 3 9 years old. Any person age 10 and older needs to pay adult ticket prices, and those 2 and under are free.

Disney World ticket prices also vary based on the season, how many days youll visit the parks , and if you plan to travel between parks on a given day .

They can be purchased directly through Disney and can often be found bundled in Disney World packages that include resort accommodations.

Disney park tickets can also be purchased at discounted rates from authorized wholesalers, such as our favorite, Undercover Tourist.

Additional planning tip: Dont forget to account for Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon water park tickets if you plan to venture to one or both of Disneys two water parks.

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Pop Century Vs Art Of Animation

Disneys Pop Century Resort is across Hourglass Lake from Art of Animation, a similar resort at a similar price point. The biggest differences between these resorts are:

  • Theming: Art of Animation celebrates Disney Animation, Pop Century celebrates pop culture in the 1950s through 1990s

  • Rooms: Pop Century has four room categories Art of Animation has one category of standard rooms and three categories of suites

  • Food Court: Art of Animation has the better food court

We have a review of Art of Animation. We also have a full post comparing Pop Century and Art of Animation.

What If I Have A Set Budget To Stay Under

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

If you know how much money you are willing to spend on your Disney vacation, a spot for that number is already built in for you!

At the top of the spreadsheet, simply put in the budget youve decided you feel comfortable with. For example, lets say youve determined that $4000 is the max amount you want to spend on the trip.

Simply input $4000 into the spot labeled My Budget. This amount is now factored into every single Disney World trip cost calculator you see on the page.

At this point, go about adding in the amounts you are researching for resort, tickets and so on. As you plug those numbers in, IT DOES THE MATH FOR YOU! You can see in real time the total cost of the trip so far and the amount of your budget you have left.

This is so useful to help make sure you dont accidentally go over budget on your spending.

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Free Dining At Walt Disney World

Please Note: We now have a full post covering Free Dining at Disney World in more detail. This section will see less frequent updates and serves just as a summary version of the full post.

Since 2005, Disney has annually released a promotion colloquially called Free Dining. The terms and conditions of free dining vary year by year, but there a few common aspects to the promotion.

If youre interested in booking a stay at Walt Disney World, we recommend getting a quote from Lauren Quirk at Travel With Character LLC.

Pro Tip: Disney Hotel Split Stays

If youre considering one Disney hotel, why not two? Disney will transfer your luggage between any of their hotels. This makes doing a split staywhere you stay at two different Disney hotels on the same tripquite convenient. In particular, we like to pair hotels across tiers, usually a longer value stay with a shorter deluxe stay.

If you can do a split stay that gives you access to Extended Evening Hours during your deluxe stay, youll really have a winning trip.

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