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Average Cost Of Disney World

Disney Costs Staying On

How Much Does Disney Cost? Is it TOO expensive?

In November 2018, we stayed on-site in Disneys cheapest resort, All Star Music, for six nights including five full days in the main parks.

Other than some granola bars we brought with us, we ate all our meals in the Disney parks and also indulged in a couple of alcoholic drinks a day .

We spent a total of $2449 for two people which is $204 per person per day, nearly double what we spent staying off-site.

Heres how our on-site Disney World budget for two breaks down per person per day:

  • Hotel and Tickets $139.50
  • Alcohol $17
  • Gifts and Souvenirs $9

The cost of the hotel and tickets was a package we booked direct from the Disney website for six nights which included a discount on tickets.

Transport is free for resort guests so we didnt rent a car. Note that from 2022, Disneys Magical Express bus from the airport will no longer be available, so transport to the parks will be an additional cost .

We booked our trip seven weeks in advance and had to pay a $200 deposit initially and the balance one month before.

I go into greater detail about the costs of different aspects of a Disney trip below.

How To Get There

The cost of getting there will depend on different factors from where you live, how youll get there , airline/baggage fees, rental car, cost of gas if driving and other costs. Now our $2,000 dollar budget is the most we will spend at Walt Disney World, but you also need to save money on getting there. If you live in the United States, Canada, or Mexico your cost of getting there will be the cheapest if you drive or fly on budget airlines. Unfortunately for those of you overseas, you will have to do your research on the best dates to save on airlines tickets and you have the added cost of a passport and United States visa.

From my experience, the cheapest way for a family of four that live in the United States from anywhere close to the Mississippi river to the east coast is driving. I decided that driving my Nissan sentra which gives me about 30 mpg will be my most economical option. It will fit five, but theres only four of us. Theres plenty of room in the trunk for luggage and a cooler for food/drinks.

Car Cost:

Gas Cost: $200

So youre spending for a family of four what it would cost you for a one person roundtrip airfare.

Expensive Trip Summary Of Costs

Clearly theres a lot of range in how expensive your trip might get, but heres an example, with the change from the baseline:

  • 5 Nights Wilderness Lodge $2622

  • 5 Day Park Hopper Tickets $2283

  • 4 Days Genie+ $256

  • 2 Individual Lightning Lanes $120

  • MCO-Disney Transportation $200

  • Dining $1363

  • Dining Upgrade OR Ticketed Event $800

  • Total Expensive Trip $8468

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How Much Spending Money For Disney World

A once in a lifetime visit may require a larger spending budget on extras during your Disney World vacation. We like to visit a few times a year and because of that we keep a very small limit on our daily extra spending.

If you plan to purchase souvenirs at every park or one item for the entire trip, consider what the cost into your overall trip. Set your expectations on this before you start your vacation.

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How Much Does Food And Drink Cost In Orlando

Disney World

How much money you will spend on food and drink in Orlando is another impossible to predict amount. The good news in that, generally, I find eating and drinking relatively cheap in Orlando, with lots of options in the main tourist areas. For this section, I have created an average and broken it down into visitors who rent a villa or apartment, and those who opt for a hotel. If you are staying in a villa with your own kitchen, it is likely you will cook at home for some meals, therefore saving a bit of cash on food and drink.

To calculate an estimate spend for the holiday overall, I have selected five restaurants that generally represent each price bracket . Below, I have broken down how often an average Orlando tourist might visit each type of restaurant each day. Obviously you will know more accurately about your familys tastes and habits, so adjust accordingly.

EXAMPLE OF AN AVERAGE PRICE RESTAURANT IN ORLANDO:Family-friendly diner-style restaurant found near tourist areas such as I-drive and Lake Buena Vista. Guide prices: Chicken wings $11 , Steak fajitas $19, Wine $20

Total bill for a family of four with drinks and tip: $112 Total bill for a couple with drinks and tip: $75

EXAMPLE OF A CHEAP RESTAURANT IN ORLANDO:Eat-all-you-want buffet restaurant with freshly cooked steak and seafood. Guide prices: $12 steak buffet, $7 kids under 14, under-3s

Total bill for a family of four with drinks and tip: $63 Total bill for a couple with drinks and tip: $35

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What Is The Cost Of A Disney World Hotel

The cost of a Disney World hotel can range from $170.00 to $1000.00+ a night. Disney World resort categories are Value, Moderate, and Deluxe.

This will be a large cost of your Disney vacation and it depends what you are looking for. Staying on-site includes transportation to and from the parks, but you will pay more per night than staying off-site. Check out the perks of staying on-site at Disney World.

Making the choice of where to stay depends on your prioritize. We like staying on-site even though it can cost more than off-site.

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The Baseline Disney World Vacation Cost

A baseline Disney World vacation cost for a family of four is $5,731 in 2022. Lets talk about how we got that number.

First, we pick our dates. I went with June 10 to June 15. Its early enough in summer to avoid punishing heat, but many kids will already be out of school. This includes a weekend, to save the parents days of PTO. And its five nights, which will include four full days in the theme parks.

Next up, flights. Obviously youll see a lot of variance in flight prices. Im flying out of Chicago and use that to estimate, and there are round-trip flights for $177 per person. Thats not on the low end of prices Ive seen , and Ill assume you need at least one or two carry-ons or checked bags , so lets just ballpark this at $824 total.

With Disneys Magical Express ending in 2021, youll need to cover the cost of getting to and from Orlando International Airport. There are a few different options were not going to get into here, but well estimate the cost at $200 round trip.

Onto hotel. Yes, its in the value category, so Im doing myself a bit of budgeting help here, but its also my go-to Disney World hotelPop Century. As I write this, there are no discounts for the selected dates, so the hotel stay booked directly through Disney comes out to $1,228.

That totals out to $5,731. Roughly speaking, that could cover your entire trip cost, minus getting to and from your home airport.

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Ask Cast Members About Discounts

Lastly, politely ask the Cast Member servicing you if there are any special discounts or deals currently happening in store or at the dining location.

You may get some special magic by happening upon a time when deals are happening. Closed mouths dont get fed after all.

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Who Took Our Survey

How to cut down the cost of your Disney vacation

First, for the most part, the people taking our survey were Disney World vets.

In fact, out of a little over 300 respondents, only 1 person reported that they were in the process of planning their first trip.

But, while nearly all were Disney regulars, it was interesting to see that out of those that answered this question, roughly 38% of people only visit every other year .

That paired with the fact that another 37% of people visit once per year means that out of our sample, only roughly 25% of WDW Prep to Go Patrons that answered our survey regularly visit Disney World more than once per year.

Want to see more? Heres how it shakes out:

Frequency of Disney World visitsTotal
Currently planning our first trip1

For some things, having such a homogenous group of nearly all repeat visitors might be bad. But, when it comes to budgeting, we felt like it was a positive since nearly every person who responded has had multiple trips to plan for and learn from.

Theyve been there, done that, and likely quite literally have the t-shirt to prove it.

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Other Costs To Consider

Beyond the necessities like transportation, hotels, park tickets, and food, there are a number of optional costs you need to consider as well in building your 2022 vacation budget. For example, on October 19th, 2021 Disney World will launch Genie+, the new paid system that allows guests to bypass the standby queue on over 40 rides and attractions . Genie+ costs $15 per guest, per day if both of our families were to invest in Genie+, the family of four for 5 days in the parks would pay $300, while our couple spending six days in the theme parks would pay a total of $180.

On top of Genie+, select individual attractions that are typically high-demand will have a separate fee if guests wish to have access to their Lightning Lane . While pricing will fluctuate, something like Rise of the Resistance will start off at a base price of $15 per person per ride.

Looking to rent a car? Having your own car can bring much needed convenience and autonomy over when you choose to leave the hotel and theme parks, but of course that comes at a cost. Currently, our family of four looking to travel in June would pay $645.70 for a Midsize SUV from Enterprise.

Because Disney World provides a number of complimentary transportation options, both families have opted to skip renting a car, saving them from having to pay parking fees at the parks and resorts as well.

Should I Stay At A Disney Hotel

If youre looking for the full Disney experience, staying at one of the themed hotels can be worth it. Disney puts a lot of effort into the overall feel of the hotels so you can really get fully immersed. One good example is the Star Wars hotel which makes it appear that youre on a starship. Its also worth mentioning that some of the best Disney restaurants are located on the properties. That said, staying at a hotel outside of Disney isnt a bad thing if youre looking to enjoy more things outside of the parks.

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando is an excellent option for anyone who wants to stay in comfort and first-rate accommodations without breaking the bank. While it is one of the more expensive options on this list, youre paying for all kinds of other perks.

As with the other hotels on this list, they offer a free shuttle service to the Disney parks and other amusement parks in the area.

This hotel is also located just down the road from the Orlando Premium Outlets, so you can spend some time getting great deals on down days or before you head to the airport.

The highest-rated hotel on this list averages a 9.5 out of 10 on and hasnt earned that rating idly. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando at Lake Buena Vista offers modernized accommodations that have been the gold standard for many years.

If youve ever slept in a Holiday Inn, youll know that their pillows and mattresses are second to none.

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando at Lake Buena Vista is one of the over 2000 Holiday Inn Expresses throughout the United States and meets the impeccable standards from the IHG network.

Youre getting a high-quality stay for a reasonable price and the happy security and safety of staying with a larger, nationwide chain.

Book Here:Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Pop Century Resort Rooms

Disney World Tickets and Prices

Pop Century has the newer value rooms. These are nearly identical to the refurbished rooms over at All-Star Movies. If youd like to see older value rooms, check out our recent review of All-Star Sports or our recent review of All-Star Music.

The room is highly functional, with plenty of space, including under-the-bed space for luggage. Every room at Pop Century has the same size queen beds.

The television and counterspace are all updated, and there are outlets and USB ports directly below the TV.

The rooms use Murphy beds for the second queen bed. Generally I really like this, but I do worry about how the mechanism will age.

The room does get noticeably smaller with the Murphy bed out, particularly because youre left to find space for the chairs. It also seemed a bit dusty, indicating maybe they arent being really wiped down after every use.

The bathrooms use sliding doors both at the entrance and on the shower.

In the past, we complained about the smell of the Pop rooms. In their early days, it seemed like they smelled obnoxiously clean. That wasnt an issue on our most recent stay, which is hopefully a sign the rooms are past that growing pain.

One problem we do have consistently with the rooms is noise. Preferred rooms are close to the pool and to the front of the resort, which means theyll get a lot of foot traffic which can be loud if the people are loud. Youll also hear doors near you slamming shut once the sun rises.

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Is It Possible To See Disney World On A Budget

If you really wanted to, you could also do Disney World on a budget. That said, its not like youd be savings tons of money. Sure you can cut down on food and hotel costs, but if youre going all the way to Disney World, you might as well spend. I personally recommend saving money while youre at home so you can spend it while youre in Disney. Think about it. Every time you decide not to eat out at home or to not buy something, you can use that money during your Disney World vacation.

Breaking Down The Cost Your Disney Vacation Itinerary

One reason that Walt Disney World Resort can justify its regular price hikes is the constant addition of new theme parks and attractions over the past nearly 50 years. For example, Disney World opened in 1971 with one theme park, two onsite resorts, a campground and an 18-hole golf course. Today, Disney encompasses nearly 40 square miles and boasts four theme parks , two water parks , the massive Disney Springs entertainment-shopping-dining complex, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, four championship golf courses and 41 on-property resorts.

In addition, Disney has added a slew of new attractions recently at each of its theme parks to attract new and returning guests such as Star Wars: Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios, as well as Pandora The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. Attractions that opened at Disney World last year include Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway at Disneys Hollywood Studios, Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney at Disney Springs, and Harmonious, a brand-new nighttime show at Epcot, which also has debuted three new films: Awesome Planet in The Land Pavilion, Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 in the Canada Pavilion and Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along in the France Pavilion.


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Disney World On A Moderate Budget

With a bit more money to spend, I focused on dates that were more likely to line up with school schedules. I avoided some of the most expensive times, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, and looked at dates in March, traditionally part of the spring break season. Still, the 50th-anniversary celebration seems to be driving higher lodging prices even at times when the pricing used to be more reasonable. The last time I went through this exercise, I was able to find rooms in December. Now, December 2021 is virtually sold out. Using those parameters, I was able to find a five-night Disney vacation for $4,800 to $5,200. Heres how that breaks down:

How Much Are The Other Tourist Attractions In Orlando

What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

Most visitors from the UK will usually do at least two or three non-theme park attractions on their Orlando trip. To average how much spending money for Florida, we have chosen three other attractions and calculated the entry cost.

GATORLAND We took two-year-old Finn to Gatorland and he loved it! It was really nice to wander around the park, which is beautifully laid out and peaceful. There are lots of educational elements for kids, a range of animals , a water splash zone and other attractions like a swamp buggy and zipline* too. The park has been in operation since 1949, making it one of the oldest tourist attractions in Orlando. Tickets are really reasonably-priced for a fun day out: £23 adult and £16 kids.

Price for a family of four to go to Gatorland: £78 Price for a couple to go to Gatorland: £46 *Additional cost.

THE WHEEL AT ICON PARK You can see the Orlando Wheel from all over Orlando, so its really nice to head to Icon Park and ride it for yourself. There are iPads in each pod so you can get info on the sights you can see or you can just relax and enjoy the view with a glass of Champagne. The area around the wheel is made up with bars, restaiants and shops and always has a buzzing atmosphere. £19 Adult, £15 child

Price for a family of four to do the Orlando wheel: £68 Price for a couple to do the Orlando wheel: £38

Florida airboats price for a family of four: £82 Florida airboats price for a couple: £44

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