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Average Cost Of Disney World Vacation

What Do Souvenirs Cost At Disney World

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

Just like the other categories we have gone over, we are going to break down what souvenirs can cost you on your next trip to Disney World. You can, of course, spend nothing on souvenirs at Disney World if you dont want to, but chances are that you will find something you fall in love with and want to take it home with you.

How Much Is A Weekend Trip To Disney World

So, how much will your Disney trip cost if you choose to make a quick weekend trip? For this example, lets use the value resort pricing to determine how much it would cost to make a quick, cheap stop to Disney World for two nights.

2 Day Disney Tickets One Park Per Day: $1122 plus tax

Mears Connect Transportation: $118

Value Resort Hotel: $322

Dining Cost: $368

Total average cost for 2 night trip to Walt Disney World : $1930 for a family of 4

Skip Or Master The Dining Plan

The biggest mistake you can make with the Disney dining plan is getting it as a matter of convenience. First, having stood behind hundreds of people trying to use the plan in line, I can tell you it isnt that convenience.

But more importantly, if you arent putting the time and effort into getting every cent out of the dining plan, Disney is making money off you. So if you care about saving on food and you’re willing to sacrifice flexibility to do so, be sure youre using your credits for the maximum possible value .

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Example: Cheap Disney World Trip In 2021

This trip example is for the family of four that wants to save as much money as possible without skimping on any of the fun. For this example, Im going to leave out flights and transportation. Dates chosen are in July for 5-nights.

Hotel Disneys All Star Movies Resort

Disneys All Star Movies is usually the cheapest Value resort at Disney. This title as the cheapest Disney World resort typically switches between Pop Century during the year, however.

So for five nights, your stay comes out to $964.77 for a standard room to 2 full-size beds.

Park Tickets

I opted for the 4-Day Base ticket without Park Hopper.

So for a family of four, tickets comes out to $1,705.60.

Food and Restaurants

To really save money, I recommend you skip any Table Service because they can be quite expensive. This hurts me so much to say since I love so many of the restaurants at Disney, but from a financial standpoint, it just doesnt work.

In general, Quick Service meals cost around $17 each with a free cup of water.

I think you should however get 1 snack a day which is around $7 or less.

So with 3 Quick Service meals and a snack, youre looking at $58 per person per day.

So that comes out to $1,392 for 6 days.

Additional Activities

Everything extra at Disney World costs extra so Im going to skip it. That includes mini-golf, shopping, Firework Dessert parties, and other similar activities.

Total Price = $4,061.77

Disney World Cost Calculator: Food

My Disney World Cost Calculator &  Our Total Price

With a Disney World vacation costing anywhere from $1000 $5000 USD per person, one of the biggest determinants of your overall cost is the amount of money spent on food and dining.

After all, Disney World has a variety of restaurants to choose from, as well as special dining opportunities such as Character Dining experiences.

Options include:

  • Counter service : $10-$15 USD per person
  • Sit-down: $20-$50 USD per person
  • Character meals: $20-$60+ USD per person
  • Prix Fixe meals: $29-$79 USD per person

Disney resort guests also have access to purchasing a Disney dining plan.

Essentially you prepay for a set number of meals and snacks to be used at different types of restaurants throughout your stay.

Your Disney dining plan cost calculator will be based on which Disney Dining Plan that you choose in terms of how many meals, snacks, and drinks that it includes.

If you want to reduce the amount you will spend on food, however, your best strategy will be to pack your own meals.

After all, you are allowed to bring food and drink into all Walt Disney World Parks.

We found a ton of value and convenience in stocking our Disney day bag with water bottles, sandwiches, fruit, and other healthy snacks to avoid the high cost of meals on-site.

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Cost Of A Disneyland Vacation On A Luxury Travel Budget

Luxury-loving travelers taking a Disneyland vacation can certainly find ways to drop tons of cash. There are splurges like a $125 per person princess character meal, VIP tour guides at $425 to $600 per hour, and much more. I didnt select these extraordinary costly options, but still managed easily to allocate $6,137.55 for a vacation of just three nights. Thats roughly four times what the budget travel family paid and more than double that of the family on a midrange budget. Ouch. No wonder Disney vacations have the reputation they do.

Cost Of Disney World Trip Tickets 2022 Family Of 4

Through The Park Prodigy Disney World tickets for a family of 4 would cost:

  • 1 Park Per Day Base ticket for 4 days Adults $485 per person
  • 1 Park Per Day Base ticket for 4 days Children $468

Total cost: $1908 plus tax for a family of 4 with two adults and two children 4 day, 1 park per day tickets.

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What If I Have A Set Budget To Stay Under

If you know how much money you are willing to spend on your Disney vacation, a spot for that number is already built in for you!

At the top of the spreadsheet, simply put in the budget youve decided you feel comfortable with. For example, lets say youve determined that $4000 is the max amount you want to spend on the trip.

Simply input $4000 into the spot labeled My Budget. This amount is now factored into every single Disney World trip cost calculator you see on the page.

At this point, go about adding in the amounts you are researching for resort, tickets and so on. As you plug those numbers in, IT DOES THE MATH FOR YOU! You can see in real time the total cost of the trip so far and the amount of your budget you have left.

This is so useful to help make sure you dont accidentally go over budget on your spending.

Walt Disney World Tickets

What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

Base tickets for Walt Disney World include admission into any one park for the day. There are four theme parks the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Its hard to see the whole park in one day, so youll need to choose what attractions and shows are the most important for you to experience during your vacation.

To book your Walt Disney World tickets, youll first need to decide how many days you want to visit. You should also check park availability, especially if booking at the last minute.

Next, youll have to choose the ticket type. Options include the following:

  • A single park per day ticket
  • A park hopper ticket, where you can visit multiple parks per day. Right now, you can enter a second park after 2pm, and only need a reservation for the first park.
  • A single park per day which also includes visits to the water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, miniature golf courses and Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course including footgolf
  • A park hopper which also includes visits to the water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, miniature golf courses and Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course including footgolf

When choosing a ticket with extra visits to the water parks, etc, youll receive the same number of entrances as the number of days on your ticket. For instance, on a five-day ticket, youll get 5 admissions to use at these other attractions.

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Use Citi Prestige 4th Night Free

Citi Prestige 4th Night Free is our single favorite credit card benefit. The perk saves you 25% on the first four nights of any hotel stay booked through Citi. If you split an eight night stay over different hotels , you can get two nights free. We posted about how we saved over $2000 on a trip using the Citi Prestige, and 4th Night Free was a big part of it.

Overview Of Disney World Costs:

Lets get started and take a general look at how much a trip of 7 days for a family of 4 will cost to Disney World, then we will break it down into detail.

Hotel: $748 -$7,861

Transportation $0 $500

Special Themed Tickets $0 $4200

Now, the overall cost of your Disney World trip can be anywhere from about $4,000 to $13,805. Plan accordingly and figure out which aspects of your Disney World trip are most important to you and your family. After all, the most important part of your vacation is to have a magical day! If you need more help planning, check into hiring a travel agent. They are so helpful.

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Choose The Right Dates

Disney World is much cheaper if you go during the off-season than during the busy times of the year. This is the most effective way to save money. If you go during January, February, Late August, or September, tickets are less expensive, hotel prices are cut dramatically and you will probably find a cheaper flight to Orlando.

If you go during Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday for that matter, you will pay more, period.

How To Calculate The Cost Of A Disneyland Vacation

How Much Money Does A Disney World Trip Cost?

So, just how much should a vacation at Disneyland really cost for a typical family of four like mine? The major costs include lodging, park tickets and meals. Additional costs like parking, transportation and souvenirs may drive up the price as well, depending on your specific situation. The key to Disney on a budget lies in knowing where and when it makes sense to compromise on various trip elements.

To help you plan for your own vacation, I designed three different itineraries for a Disneyland vacation at different price points. Most travelers to Disneyland go for only a few days, unlike at Walt Disney World where a weeklong vacation is much more common. A typical Disneyland trip would likely be three nights long, so I used that as a baseline.

Some families drive to Disneyland and others fly. Those costs vary widely, so I didnt include the cost of gas or airline tickets in the calculation. Additionally, for purposes of this article, I quoted the current price of park tickets available on Undercover Tourist. No matter what your budget, never pay full Disney price for park tickets. Its easy to save money on Disney tickets by purchasing discounted Disney gift cards or by purchasing tickets through a trusted discount reseller like Undercover Tourist or Getaway Today. The discounts arent huge, but every dollar counts.

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Disney Deluxe Resort Luxury Cost To Go To Disney World

Lastly, how much is a Disney World vacation for guests who choose to stay at luxury resorts? Deluxe resorts are top tier at Walt Disney World and offer the best restaurants, theming and overall amenities. Guests also have access to Concierge Level amenities and Villas which come at much higher prices.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World

The costs can quickly add up, but you may be able to offset these by booking your trip during the off-season. While it seems like the parks rarely have any downtime anymore, the crowds are noticeably lower during January and February. The same can also be said for late August and early September, as soon as the kids return to school.

In the past, I also saw lower prices and crowds during the first week of October, but this will not be true for 2021 due to the parks 50th celebration. Tickets for Magic Kingdom are already sold out for October 1st.

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How Much Are Walt Disney World Resort Tickets

There are three main types of Walt Disney World Resort tickets. Base Tickets are your most economical choice and allow you to visit one of the main four theme parks each day of your stay. Park Hopper Tickets allow you to visit multiple parks on the same day for an upgraded cost. Although Park Hopping was not available for most of 2020 travel, it returned with revised procedures on January 1, 2021. Now that Park Hoppers are available again at Walt Disney World Resort, you can expect to pay anywhere from $78-91 more per ticket to upgrade to a Park Hopper from a Base Ticket. The third ticket option is a Park Hopper Plus Ticket, which is the most expensive, but also offers the most variety. This Walt Disney World ticket allows you to visit all four theme parks, as well as bonus activities such as miniature golf and the Disney Water Parks during your visit. This ticket type when available is typically only a few extra dollars per day to upgrade to from a Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket.

When looking at prices of Walt Disney World tickets, youll of course pay more for a longer ticket. However, the price per day goes down significantly with longer length Disney World tickets. For example, a 1-day ticket for one park in 2021 starts at $109, but a 7-day base ticket for 2021 starts as low as $67 per day – a $42 per day discount! Or even better, a 10-day base ticket starts as low as $52 per day – thats less than half price!

Other Walt Disney World Considerations

How Much Does a Week Long Disney Vacation Cost?

Lastly, lets just quickly dive into these other considerations:

  • Look into special offers
  • The Disney Dining Plan can sometimes provide some savings
  • Factor in tips and gratuity
  • And also be sure to include travel, such as airfare, to and from Orlando

Have any tips or strategies of your own for Disney budgeting? Share them with thousands of other Disney World fans in our Orlando Informer Community on Facebook.

And dont forget to follow Orlando Informer on , , and for the latest news and tips at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and other Orlando experiences.

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Pop Century Resort Review

Pop Centurys restaurant is the Everything Pop! cafeteria. If youve ever stayed at a value resort or read any of our reviews, you know the food courts offer a standard lineuppizzas, burgers, salads, pastas, sandwiches . You can also Mobile Order from the food court, and we had a positive experience using that feature.

Note: During the 2020-2021 reopening of the resort all ordering must be mobile order, and youll pick up your meal from a table in the food court.

We love the food court, and getting a full pizza can be a particularly great bargain. If youre not feeling the Everything Pop! cafeteria, consider making the 10 minute walk to Art of Animations Landscape of Flavors. Weve done this, and generally find the different options to be a good way to mix things up.

As weve written nonstop, we love that the value resorts have reasonably-priced food courts that are open late. The deluxe resorts often have only minimal, way overpriced quick service options.

Pop Century has a pool barPetals. Its not unlike the other pool bars, with an okay selection of beer and liquor, along with some mixed frozen drinks, like the Pina Colava. Like all the value hotel bars, youll mostly see a small cross section of your own guests passing through, with the occasional guest on the Skyliner bar crawl popping in.

Order The Double And Take Your Drinks To Go

Disney by Age notes that if youre getting cocktails at Disney, the double is always better bang for your buck. If you’re more into beer, like us, then get your beer to go. You can bring it pretty much anywhere . Save yourself having to finish off one beer right before your meal just to have to order another.

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Average Cost Of 5 Days At Disney World

If youre planning on staying longer than 4 days, you might be wondering how much does the average Disney trip cost if I add on an extra day? If youre looking to stay at full Monday Friday at Disney World, we can simply use one of our prior examples and just add on another day of expenses. Lets use a the moderate resort example for a family of 4, but the average cost of 5 days at Disney instead of 4.

Do The Scenic Restaurants For Breakfast Or Lunch

How Much Does A Disney Vacation Cost (Top Five Costs Categories ...

There are lots of Disney restaurants to try. Some of them are really more about the experience and the scenery than the food.

If you want to experience those restaurants, try and get a reservation for a meal other than dinner. Dinner will be more expensive than the other meals, but you wont be blown away by the food. Disney Tourist Blog has a list of the best themed Disney World restaurants.

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