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Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery To Walt Disney World

Use Your Own Or A Rental Car

Disney World Grocery Delivery By Amazon Prime Now To Art Of Animation Resort – At Walt Disney World

The most efficient way to get to a nearby grocery store is to drive yourself. You can achieve this whether youve driven yourself to the World or youve rented a car for your vacation. Just use your GPS or map app to search up a nearby grocery store, and youre good to go!

You might stop on your way to your Disney Resort or head out some time after youve settled into your room.

How Does Amazon Grocery Delivery Disney World Work

When ordering groceries to Disney World you want to make sure you are using their services. Its important to note that Amazon is different from other options such as Instacart or Ubereats as you are required to shop from their brand Whole Foods. Still I have found my experiences using Amazon prime have gotten better over the years making it one of the fastest ways to get groceries at Disney World.

So how does it work? If you are an Amazon prime member you can take advantage of 2-hour delivery windows for free as long as your order is a minimum or $20.00. This will allow you to purchase your favorite groceries and snack items directly to your hotel.

Amazon grocery delivery to Disney resorts also allows you to purchase toiletries and electronics you might have forgotten at home. One of the biggest changes I have seen since I first started ordering groceries at Disney World, is the ability to track your orders. My first experience ordering in 2014 left me calling guest services every hour to check if my package had arrived. Now you can simply track your Walt Disney World groceries on the App.

This is the main reason Im still a huge fan of Amazon prime grocery delivery to Walt Disney World!

Groceries At Disney World

I hope that this post helps you to decide what service to use when ordering grocery delivery to your Disney resort, both on-site and off-site. Make sure to pin this post so you have it when you need it.

If you have any questions, comment down below or send me a message on social media! You can find me on , TikTok, , and !

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Save Money On Food At Disney World Using Amazon Prime Now

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To The Point

Disney World can be an expensive place to plan a family vacation. Families frequently need to look for ways to cut corners that dont leave kids feeling disappointed. One easy way to do so is to use Amazon Prime Now to get groceries delivered right to your Disney hotel room.

Taking the family to Disney World is a real treat, but it can also be a serious budget buster. There are a plethora of tips out there related to saving money at Disney World, but today I wanted to cover a quick and easy tip that can save your family quite a bit of money on your next trip to Disney World without sacrificing any fun.

Meals and even simple snack items for kids like bottled water, juice boxes, and fruit can cost your family quite a lot of money while inside the parks over the course of a vacation. Within the Disney Parks, snacks and drinks start at about $3 $5 per item. Multiply that cost by multiple people, multiple times over multiple days, and snacks alone can easily sail over $100. However, using can save you money in all of these areas and maybe even stay a bit healthier, too.

Summon A Taxi Or Rideshare

Tips for Buying Groceries at Disney World

If you wont have access to a vehicle during your trip, its still pretty straightforward to get around. Youll want to summon a taxi or use an Uber or Lyft app to request a rideshare.

Note: Disney operates its Minnie Van rideshare program via the Lyft app, but you wont be able to use it for grocery shopping. Minnie Vans operate only on Disney property or to/from Orlando International Airport.

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How Much Does Instacart Cost

Instacart charges $3.99 for same-day delivery if your order reaches a $35 threshold. If you select one-hour delivery, delivery from a club stores like Costco and BJs, or if you order is less than $35, the fee will vary.

Another thing to note is that there will also be a service fee or 5% charged and you will also need to tip your delivery driver.

You can sign up for a 2-week free trial of Instacart Express which will give you free deliveries over $35 and reduced service fees. If you choose to keep this service, you will be charged $99 per year after the trial.

How Does Instacart Disney World Work

The main difference between Instacart and a few of the other delivery service apps is there is no markup on their items. This means you would pay the exact same price as if you were shopping in the stores yourself, and you can even use digital coupons.

The service fee for Instacart is typically a flat 10% and they do charge a $4.00 delivery fee. However, depending on the size of your order this can be significantly lower than Garden Grocer.

Just like the services before this your Disney food delivery groceries will be left with Bell Services and any perishable items will be put in the fridge.

Instacart food delivery Disney World tips

  • Your delivery fee is waived if its your first order
  • Be sure to order in advance as one hour delivery can sometimes be full
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

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Grocery Delivery To Disney World By Service

Choosing to have your groceries delivered to your Disney World resort could save you a lot of time and effort during your trip and still guarantee you get the food you need. There are lots of choices when it comes to Disney World grocery delivery services, and many of them are local and have been delivering to the Disney World resorts for years.

Unfortunately, the convenience of having groceries delivered could cost quite a bit, and sometimes the selection may be very limited. Youll have to make sure to choose an affordable option when it comes to fees and minimum orders.

We recommend looking at the services listed below and comparing and contrasting the prices to see what works best for you! What works best for one guest, may not work the same for another guest!

Using Amazon Prime Now At Walt Disney World

Using Amazon Fresh for Grocery Delivery to a Walt Disney World Resort | All Star Movies

Amazon Prime Now is included with your Amazon Prime membership so theres no additional fee to Prime members.

Unlike Amazon Fresh, you dont even have to sign up, Prime Now is ready to go right now!

All Walt Disney World hotels, including off-property hotels, are within Amazon Prime Nows service area.

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Grocery Delivery Services At Disney World

There are 4 main options for grocery delivery services at Disney World and all of them can provide most everything you may need. Some are better than others because they go beyond perishable food items like sunscreen, jackets, hats, glasses, forks, plates, spoons and bowls.


The first grocery delivery option in Orlando was Garden Grocer and they are still doing what they do best: deliver your groceries. While we feel there are better options out there, most people who use them do so because they have for a long time. We have to admit that their service is great and they have some pretty good options when it comes to variety. However, this is also their downfall as new services have become available who offer even more than they do. We dont want to call them old-fashioned but their service really is the most basic. That being said, weve used them in the past and had no issues.


When we moved on from Garden Grocers, this is where we came. Amazon Prime Now offers a lot of options from themselves and their Wholefood Store. You can order from both, set up a delivery window and even get express delivery same-day for a fee. Amazon offers everything from groceries to household products and park essentials at relatively good prices. Their biggest upside is that most people already use them so getting started is so much simpler.

3. Walmart+


Disney World Speedway Gas Stations

There are two Speedway gas stations on Disney property, one across from Disney Springs and one across from the Boardwalk resort. This could be a good choice for grocery shopping if you are going to be near Disney Springs at some point during your trip, or if you are staying close to Boardwalk. Also, unlike the Disney World grocery delivery services, you dont have to worry about minimum orders or delivery fees.

Unfortunately, these two gas stations arent going to be conveniently located for everyone. And like most gas stations, the prices will be inflated and the selection will be limited.

This is a good option for something super quick to pick up, but there wont be too many options!

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Best Ways To Get Groceries Delivered To Disney World

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If youre looking for all the best Disney World grocery delivery services, youve come to the right place! We know that a Disney World vacation can get pretty pricey, and sometimes its easier to make a few of your own meals to cut back on costs.

Or maybe you have someone in your group with dietary restrictions or whos a picky eater. So what do you do? Order some groceries to get delivered to your Disney resort, of course!

This can greatly cut down on your food costs during your trip, and it allows you to have all of your favorite items including those you cant find anywhere on Disney property .

And by using this as your guide, youll be able to figure out which Disney World grocery delivery services are right for you, which ones arent, and which one charges enough fees to pay for dinner at Cinderellas Royal Table!

How To Utilize Grocery Delivery

Getting Groceries to Walt Disney World from Amazon Prime Now

Its one thing to be able to order groceries from your phone. Its a whole other thing to plan how youre going to work this service into your vacation. There are a couple of steps that we take that we feel can apply to most everyone to help make this process easy.

1. Decide whether you are or you arent going to do it. Earlier we mentioned that first time visitors will probably want to budget to eat in the parks as this takes a lot off their plate . This doesnt save you money but it does save a headache and allows you to focus on other things. So if you decide that you are going to order groceries to your hotel now figure out what meals you want to cover. Just breakfast? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Decide now so you dont under order or over order.

2. Figure out how much room you have to store groceries and decide how you can save room if needed. This would mean condensing milk into smaller containers like half gallons, smaller mayo jars or bottles, full size waters or mini ones, two liters of soda or cans, or smaller individual boxes of cereal or regular. You get the idea. Theres a lot that can be done to make sure theres room for everything. If you happen to have a villa with full kitchen, you dont really need to worry about this step.

7. Pick up your groceries or have them delivered to your room. You can either stop by bell services and grab them on your own or call down from your room and have them bring them up.

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Grocery Delivery At Walt Disney World

Using a grocery delivery service is a money-saving way to get food brought to your hotel. It is very easy to do breakfast in your room, as you are getting ready, or to throw some snacks in your park bag. Some guests even make dinner in their room think cup-o-soup or even sandwiches!The absolute easiest way to buy groceries is to go to the gift shop in your Walt Disney World resort hotel. Every hotel has a limited selection of groceries, including refrigerated stuff, and you pay a premium for them.An alternative to this is a grocery delivery service that delivers the items directly to your Walt Disney World resort, leaving them with bell services. They will keep your groceries stored and refrigerated or frozen until you can pick them up from the front desk or you can have them delivered to your room for a handling fee of $6.

There are lots of choices when it comes to Disney World grocery delivery services. Personally, we use Amazon Prime Now, but below are all the options available to you. You might want to look at a few as some have inflated pricing, limited selections and fees or minimum order requirements.

Can You Get Food Delivered To Disney World Resort

There are several apps available to deliver food to Disney resort hotels, including DoorDash and UberEats, as well as A La Carte Services, a service based in Celebration. There is no need to wait in line at the portico to meet the driver. There are many fast-food chains that deliver, including McDonalds, Wendys, Chipotle, Popeyes, and more.

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Get Groceries Delivered To Your Disney Hotel

Most grocery lists of Disney Guests consist of bottled water, packaged snacks, bread and PB& J, baby food, granola bars, fresh fruit, sunscreen, and more. Grabbing a rental car just for a trip to the grocery store can be an expensive hassle, so more families are turning to a grocery delivery via a service. If youre planning to purchase groceries, one of these three services could be perfect for you!

Youll need to look up the address for your Disney Resort Hotel, or chat with the WDW Cast Members online. The zip code for Disney World is 32830, so you can start there! Make sure your name Guest ______ is on the address line, too!

And remember, if you dont want to personally meet your delivery person, you dont have to be present! The only exception here is for alcohol delivery, where you must be present with your photo ID.

Garden Grocer Pro Tips

Guide to Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery at DISNEY WORLD | Everything You Need to Know!

Once the initial order is delivered you can replenish your order up to 3 times with no additional delivery charge.

Have you ordered from Garden Grocer before? If so, logging into your account gives you the option to copy a previous order. This feature saves time and helps you to remember the essential items you previously ordered.

If you order ahead you get an automatic discount:

  • 15 days before 5% off
  • 30 days before 7% off
  • 60 days before 10% off

Do you have other questions? Garden Grocer has a frequently asked questions section that can probably answer them

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Grocery Delivery At Disney World: Everything You Need To Know

You may have heard that you can save some time and money using grocery delivery at Walt Disney World. This guide includes some of the most common questions and answers related to this topic.

What grocery store delivers to Walt Disney World?

There are four services that will do grocery delivery to Walt Disney World: Amazon Prime Now, Garden Grocer, Walmart, and InstaCart.

Does Walmart Grocery deliver to Disney World?

Yes, Walmart Grocery will deliver to Disney World for a small fee.

Does Amazon deliver to Disney World

Yes, Amazon delivers to Disney World via its Prime Now service. Deliveries are free for any orders over $35.

Does Instacart deliver to Disney World?

Yes, Instacart delivers to Disney World. Standard fees apply and options are constrained to a handful of local stores including Publix, Whole Foods Market, and Costco.

How do I order groceries at Disney World?

It is easy to have groceries delivered to your Disney World resort. Choose one of the services that deliver to Disney World, schedule your order with your resort address, and when it arrives, you can either pick it up at bell services or have it brought to your room by calling the resort bell services line.

Does Disney charge for grocery delivery?

Yes, Disney charges a $6 bell services fee for each grocery delivery.

Can you bring water into Disney World?

Yes, you can bring bottled water and food into Disney Parks.

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Disney World Grocery Delivery: Everything You Need To Know

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

    There are many options for Disney World grocery delivery, including Amazon Prime Now, Garden Grocer, and Instacart.

    In this post, Ill explain your options, describe my experience with getting groceries delivered right to our Disney World resort, and share some tips for having the best possible experience.

    You can save a bunch of money at Walt Disney World by getting some basic groceries delivered instead of buying them in your resort food court.

    Plus Ill show you how to get $10 in free groceries on your next trip!

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