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5 Day Park Tickets Disney World

Florida Resident Discover Disney Tickets

Top 5 Tips Purchasing Disney World Tickets

Florida Resident 3- and 4-day tickets offer a savings. There is no 2-day Florida Resident ticket but the 3-day ticket is cheaper than the regular Disney Theme Park 2-day ticket. For approximately 50% off the regular price, the Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus options may be added to the 3- and 4-day Florida Resident Tickets. Both options can be added to the Florida Resident 3- and 4-day tickets for just $57 and $64 respectively. Florida Resident 3- and 4-Day Tickets and Options have the same length of use as corresponding Disney Theme Park Tickets. The Flexible Date option can be added on to a Florida Resident Ticket making the expiration date 180 days from first date of use or , whichever comes first.

Florida Residents can also purchase a 1-day park ticket at full price, but are offered discounts Park Hopping. The 1-day Florida Resident ticket and any options purchased must be used on the selected use date .

Valid proof of Florida residency per adult is required for purchase and use of Florida Resident tickets. Acceptable ID includes a Florida drivers license or Florida state ID card, showing a Florida address.

Walt Disney World Florida Resident

Florida Resident One Day TicketsAdult 10+

$ 296.25

$ 355.75

Florida Resident Select Tickets expire 14 days after the date of first use or on December 31, 2022, whichever comes first. First use must occur on or before December 31, 2022. Parking is not included.

Each person above 18 must show proof of residency. A valid military ID card and proof of residency required at the time of purchase and redemption. Acceptable forms of residency are Florida driver’s license with a Florida address, a Florida state-issued ID card with a Florida address, or a Florida Base military ID. If you do not have a Florida ID, then you must provide one of the following dated within the last 2 months evidencing a Florida residential address a monthly mortgage statement a Florida Vehicle Registration or Title homeowner’s insurance policy or bill, an automobile insurance policy or bill a utility bill mail from a financial institution, including checking, savings, or investment account statement or mail from a Federal, State, County or City government agency. All sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Prices and entitlements subject to change without notice. Florida Resident Select Tickets expire 14 days after the date of first use or on December 31, 2022, whichever comes first. First use must occur on or before December 31, 2022. Parking is not included.

Did Disney World Ticket Prices Increase What You Need To Know

Disney World has been seeing a lot of price increases lately, especially in food and special experiences.

But now theres been a major price increase in another aspect of your Disney World vacation. Certainticket prices just went up in Disney World. Here are all the details.

Previously, we had shared that while the ticket price range for 2022 had not changed, certain dates were now falling into a higher tier category of pricing. Thats because Disney works with a date-specific pricing model, with each day priced differently based on the expected demand for that date. Because of this, ticket prices for 2022 range from $109 to $159.

This brings us to the more recent price increases were seeing with tickets. WDWMagic initially shared the news, as pointed out by reader Ryan Teetz, that several multi-day ticket prices have increased for Disney World.

We looked further into this, and it does appear that single-park multi-day tickets, Park Hopper multi-day tickets, and Park Hopper Plus multi-day tickets were affected by a recent price increase.

Note that there is a price range for each kind of ticket because prices can vary depending on the time of year and expected crowd levels. For instance, the holiday season will usually have the highest ticket prices, whereas less popular times may have the lowest prices.

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Park Hopper Plus Park Hopper Plus Option

Park Hopper Plus combines the benefits of both the Park Hopperand the Water Park and Sports options together for anadditional $91 to $112 , depending on the number of park days.The number of “plus” visits to the Water Park and Sports venues equals thenumber of days on your ticket. For example, if you buy an 8-Day Park Hopper Plusticket, you get eight “visits.” You can’t change how many “visits” you get thenumber is fixed, and unused days arent refundable.

Note that Park Hopper Plus costs less than $22 more than Park Hopper on its own if you are already planning to purchase Park Hopper and want to visit a waterpark only once, it’s a good value.

If you buy a ticket but then decide later that you want to add the Park Hopper Plus option,you can do so. Note, though, that Disney doesnt prorate the cost: if you add Park Hopper Pluson the last day of your trip, youll pay the same price as if youd bought it before you left home.

Should I Upgrade My Disney World Ticket

Walt Disney World 5 day park hopper pass tickets from the ...

An important question many families will have to face when purchasing their discount Disney World tickets is weather or not they should upgrade to include the Disney Genie+. For $15 per ticket per day at Walt Disney World, you can have the Disney Genie+ services available to you. What does that mean? With Genie+, you can choose available times for a number of attractions to use the Lightning Lane. This is just like the MaxPass service that was offered at Disneyland Resort prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this service does not include all rides, and tier 1 attractions will have a different pricing.

Its yet to be seen if the Disney Genie+ is worth the additional upgrade to your discount Disney tickets. However this could be similar to the Universal Express Pass which could allow you to get more done in a shorter amount of time resulting in less days in the parks.

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What Is The Disney Genie

The Disney Genie will tell you the lowest wait times for each ride you select to include. Disney Genie will also offer tips to help decide when to do each attraction. This also will be useful when makingdining reservations, since the Genie is also programmed to have perfect time saving tips for those.

Our Choices For Discount Disney World Tickets

There are a few ticket agencies that sell 100% legitimate discount Disney World tickets, and their discounts may vary based on exactly what youre looking for.

Usually these deals are about 8-10% lower than Disney’s prices for exactly the same product. While rare, you might even sometimes find discounts to special ticketed events like After Hours Boo Bash or Very Merriest After Hours.

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What Is A 1 Park Per Day Disney World Theme Park Ticket

What Disney calls 1 Park Per Day ticketswhich to save a tree I will call base ticketsare tickets good for one park per day for between one and ten ticket days.

On any base ticket day, you gain unlimited entrances and exits to one single theme park during its regular operating hours. So on one day you can go to Magic Kingdom, leave and return, and on a different day you can go to Epcot, leave, and return again. You can go to any one park on any eligible day until you hit the limit of the number of park days you bought.

What you cant do with base tickets is go to two different parks on the same dayfor that you need the Park Hopper add-on, discussed below. For any given ticket length and eligibility period, base tickets are the least expensive tickets available to the general public.

Let Us Help Plan Your Vacation

Disney increasing park tickets prices for certain times of year

Keep reading our blog to keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for a Disney land Florida vacation! We have a team of writers working hard to keep you updated weekly on Florida Disneyland events in the parks and tips for navigating the magic. Subscribe to our free deals newsletter to receive helpful planning information, exclusive deals and prices, and access to the lowest priced tickets anywhere. You can find more information on planning your vacation here:

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Types Of Discount Disney World Park Tickets 2022

Free shipping and tax included with all 2022 Disney World tickets!Shop from a selection of:

  • Disney World: Base TicketsDisney World: Park Hopper Tickets
  • Disney World: Park Hopper Plus Tickets
  • Disney World: Water Park and Sports Tickets

All families who purchase their discount 2022 Disney World tickets from The Park Prodigy will receive free Disney touring plans and a Walt Disney World E-Book.

New Important Requirements: Walt Disney World Resort Reservations

As Walt Disney World® Resort reopens, Park attendance will be strictly managed through a new Park reservation system. Guests who do not have an advance Park reservation will be denied entry. To enter a Park on a particular day, both a Park reservation for that day and a Ticket valid for Park admission on that day are required. This applies to Park Tickets included with or added to a Costco Travel package. Prior to purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests check the Park Availability Calendar at . Next, immediately after purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests create a profile at Link any Resort Room Reservation and Ticket Reservations using the Walt Disney World Ticket confirmation number provided in your Costco Travel documents. Then, make Park reservations via My Disney Experience for each day you plan to visit the Parks. In addition, it is recommended all Guests visit There, they can view important information about Park reopening, reservations, limitations on benefits, features, experiences, new safety measures, etc. Please note: All policies are subject to change and are outside the control of Costco Travel.

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Are Park Hopper Tickets Worth It

The Park Hopper add-on allows you to visit multiple parks in the same day. You can bounce around the parks and maximize your time in the parks. Some guests can skip the Park Hopper option: particularly those with small children and those who wont stay out late.

On the other hand, Park Hopping can be really beneficial if you want to revisit favorite attractions or head over to a certain park for the evening for dinner. With the exception of Magic Kingdom, you wont need to spend multiple full days in any park, and the ability to bounce around is a great solution allowing you to spend additional partial days in the other parks.

Another benefit of the Park Hopper option is spending more hours per day in the theme parks. Since each park has different opening and closing hours, getting a Park Hopper is a good way to extend your day or spend more time in Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom often closes later than the other parks, so you squeeze a couple more hours out of day by starting your day in Animal Kingdom and heading to Magic Kingdom once Animal Kingdom closes.

Because of these two things, we generally recommend purchasing the Park Hopper option. While it does cost more, if youre buying multiple day tickets, you might be surprised to learn that the extra cost is insignificant. Currently, a discounted 7-day Walt Disney World Adult Park Hopper Ticket will cost around $500 after tax, with some dates costing more and some costing less. Obviously, thats a lot of money.

Find Disney World Ticket Discounts And Compare Prices

1989 Walt Disney World 5

Every day we check the Disney World ticket prices from Disney and popular authorized Disney ticket discount wholesalers:Undercover Tourist, Tripster, Boardwalk Ticketing, and Maple Leaf Tickets.

We use those prices here, the Disney Ticket Discounts and Deals search engine for Disney World tickets. This search engine will find you the cheapest Disney admission for whatever you want to do.

The search engine can find hidden discounts and special prices. It knows all kinds of tips and tricks to save money on Disney tickets, too. For example, it knows that if you only want to visit a Disney water park once and want to hop among the theme parks, adding the Park Hopper Plus option is cheaper than buying a separate 1-day water park ticket.

All of the prices shown here include sales tax and shipping. Note that some vendors don’t show these fees until the last step in the checkout process.

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Types Of Annual Passes

There are nine types of Annual Passes including some that are only available to a Florida resident:

  • Platinum Annual Pass: This Annual Pass includes unlimited admission to all four theme parks , parking at all theme park lots, custom Magic Band, and free PhotoPass photo downloads, and souvenir/dining discounts.
  • Platinum Plus Annual Pass: With this Annual Pass you have unlimited access to all four theme parks , access to each water park , access to the DisneyQuest arcade, option to play golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course , access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports, parking in all theme park lots, customized Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and souvenir/dining discounts.
  • Water Parks Annual Pass: This annual pass provides year long access to each water park during all normal operating hours.
  • Premier Pass: This pass provides unhindered access to both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. You get all of the specials and discounts included with the Walt Disney World Platinum Pass plus admission to Disneyland in California with free parking and subscription to their Backstage Pass Annual Passholder Magazine and Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.
  • Gold Pass: This ticket includes admission to all four theme parks , but is blocked out on certain days. The pass also includes free parking, custom Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and all other discounts listed below.This discount ticket is only available to Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members.
  • Do I Have To Use My Park Hopper Plus Options In Different Places Or Can I Go Back To A Place Twice

    You can use them all at the same venue if you so desire. You have three limitations.

    • One is that you can only use it for one person. You cannot have a group of three use three options off your one pass.
    • The second one is that you will use a separate Plus option for each water park, Wide World of Sports admission, mini golf round, or Disneys Oak Trail golf course round you do on the same day. You are allowed to go to one, leave and return to the same one on a given day without burning a second admission, but you cannot park hop between the Park Hopper Plus venues like you can with the major park days.
    • You are limited to one round of mini golf per ticket per day.

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    Discounts On Annual Passes

    There are no current sources of discounts on Walt Disney World annual passes for the general public. There are, however, some discounts available for members of certain organizations or geographic areas, and there are also some special passes available for local residents that are cheaper than the regular annual passes, but come with blackout dates and other restrictions. Use these links for more information:

    Beware Of Extremely Cheap Disney World Tickets

    Back to the Basics: PARK TICKETS – WALT DISNEY WORLD

    Be especially careful to never buy cheap tickets from an online source that is not affiliated with Disney. Never buy tickets from eBay or Craigslist- they are filled with scam/fake tickets. Some people also attempt to sell their tickets after they’ve already used their start date if they purchased multi-day tickets. But Disney already has a system in place to prevent people from sharing tickets. The instant you use your ticket on your start date, the cast member will scan your finger, and that will be associated with your ticket.

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    When Disney Tickets Expire

    Along with the introduction of date-based pricing, Disney shortened the amount of time you have to use your tickets. Previously, all tickets expired at midnight 14 days after first use. Now, a ticket’s use period begins on the “start date” chosen at the time of purchase, and the time until expiration varies based on how many days youre visiting the theme parks and water parks, as shown below:

    Ticket Days
    14 Days15 Days

    For example, if you purchase a 4-Day 1 Park Per Day theme park ticket and specifyyoull start using it on June 15, 2022, you must complete your four days of theme parkvisits by the end of June 21, 2022. After that, the ticket is expired, even if you dont use it.

    Am I Allowed To Use Two Days Off Of My Theme Park Base Ticket If I Decide I Want To Go To A Second Park On The Same Day As The First

    No, you are not. The tickets are sold and the computer system is based on the number of days you have, not the number of park visits. Once you have used a non-park hopping ticket at any park, the computer system will not let you use it at another park on the same day. You are allowed to re-enter the same park you already went into later the same day.

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    Disney World Ticket Information


    The Walt Disney World Resort theme park ticket pricing structure is based on an interactive calendar based on dates chosen by the purchaser. In some aspects, it’s easy to see exactly how much tickets will cost you, but if you don’t know the exact dates you plan on visiting, this system can prove to be a bit difficult. We’ve done our best to lay out the nitty gritty.Tickets for Walt Disney World are no longer priced on a value, regular, and peak season scale. Instead, Walt Disney World single-day and multi-day tickets are now priced based on the date guests intend to visit. The multi-day ticket pricing will be based on the arrival date chosen at the time of purchase. As an example, a one-day ticket varies in pricing from $109 to $159 per day depending on the exact dates that are chosen to visit a theme park and which additional options are chosen. The prices are subject to change at any time without notice, but the charts below show a range of what you can expect to pay per day depending on the length of ticket you purchase. It’s also important to not that these are the advance-purchase prices waiting to buy your park tickets until you arrive at the gate will be more expensive. Multi-day tickets decrease in price per day, so the more days you visit a theme park, the less it costs per day.

  • 1-Day Ticket Valid only on the specific date selected at the time of purchase
  • 2-Day Ticket Any 2 days within 4 days

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