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3 Day Base Ticket Disney World

Is The Disney Theme Park Base Ticket Right For Me

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade 2021 Daytime Walt Disney World

The Disney Theme Park Base Tickets are the least expensive option. We think they are the best ticket option for most families making a first-time visit to Walt Disney World® Resort. This is because there is a ton to see in each of the parks. At Magic Kingdom® Park alone, you could easily spend two entire days and not experience all it has to offer. Most first-time families want to see and do as much as they possibly can in each park before moving onto the next.

Which Disney Park Is Best For One Day

Best Disney World Park for One Day: Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom is quintessential Disney in a nutshell. Best for: First Timers to Walt Disney World, families with children that love WDW characters, parade and live show lovers. Theres plenty of character meets and greets, too.

Shades Of Green Magic Your Way Ticket Prices

There has been a big change for the Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way Tickets with the February 2021 price increase.

The change being that there are now 2 prices for all 1-Day Tickets. The Seasonal, which is the version and pricing that we have always had, however these are no longer valid at Christmas time, and the 1-day tickets which have no blackout dates at Christmas and are good all year, but are about $20 more expensive.

Dont blame me for the naming convention! It seems to me the cheaper ones that you would use most of the year would be the regular ones and the more expensive ones that you would only need to use during the Christmas Season would be called the seasonal ones But thats just me.

Note the more expensive versions only needs to be used during the Seasonal Blockout dates.

Prices at your local Base Ticket Office will be very similar .

# of days

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Walt Disney World Park Hopping Faq

Get full access to the WDW Crowd Calendar, Lines Mobile App, Touring Plans and More!

“Our TouringPlans subscription was a lifesaver on our trip. One of the busiest days of the year, and we never waited longer than 20 minutes!”

– Smith Family, KY

Note: Some aspects of Park Hopping have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have not been to Walt Disney World recently, be aware that procedures may be different than you had previously experienced. New procedures are described below.

With so many options, buying Walt Disney World theme park tickets can be an overwhelming process for first time visitors. We’re here to demystify one aspect of the ticket selection process: The Park Hopper.

Signage describes new park hopping procedures.

What exactly does Park Hopping mean?

In Disney-speak, Park Hopping means that you visit more than one of the four Walt Disney World theme parks in one day. If you want to go to more than one of these parks in a single day, then you need to have the Park Hopper add-on for your Disney theme park ticket.

Do I need a Park Hopper if Im going leave and return to the same park during the same day?

Do I need to get a Park Hopper if Im just going to pop into a second park to eat or shop?

Why would I want to Park Hop?

Lots of reasons. Some might be:

Will I be missing out on something if I dont Park Hop?

Not necessarily. It depends on your touring style, the composition of your family, and your ability to plan.


Which Tickets To Buy

Florida Resident Tickets

Sometimes people ask which ticket is our favorite for first-time visitors to Walt Disney World, and it really depends upon how long youre visiting. In our Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide, we recommend most first-time visitors take a 6-8 trip.

Assuming you are going this route, you probably wont spend every moment in the park. Youll want a rest day in the middle to spend recovering poolside, and maybe a shopping day at Disney Springs. With that said, we recommend buying a ticket that is 1-2 days shorter than the duration of your vacationunless youre visiting for 4 days or fewer, in which case you should purchase a ticket for every day. Always get at least a 4-day ticket. Ideally, get nothing less than a 5-day ticket.

Meaning, if your vacation is 8 days, we recommend the 6-day or 7-day ticket. If you are visiting for 6 days, get the 5-day ticket. In our experience, a 6-day Walt Disney World vacation is about the sweet spot for first-timers. That means either a 4-day or 5-day ticket is going to be a smart bet for most people reading this.

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Where Can I Purchase Tickets

Walt Disney World tickets can be purchased at:



1 denotes a $5.00 shipping charge per order is added unless Will Call option is selected.2 denotes does not sell Florida Resident passes.5 denotes most Disney Stores only sell theme park tickets from 3-7 days in length. You can add any days or options to this ticket at WDW.6 denotes that Guest Relations can also sell AP vouchers as well as active APs.

Tickets purchased from any Disney Store will be charged 6.5% Florida tax ONLY. There is no additional tax from your home state added. Actual tickets offered for sale at The Disney Store may vary from store to store.

Summary of Ticket Table Info:

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • Any ticket booth at a major WDW park
  • Any ticket vending machine located at some parks, water parks and some Disney Resorts
  • Any Lobby Concierge desk at a Disney Resort Hotel or park.
  • Most U.S. Disney Stores
  • Online at If you choose to have them mailed to your home, a $5.00 shipping charge per order is added. If you choose the Will Call option, there is no charge
  • *at Disneys EarPort at Orlando International Airport
  • *at The Magic of Disney at Orlando International Airport
  • *at Character Warehouse at Orlando Premium Outlet International in Orlando
  • *at Character Warehouse at Orlando Premium Outlet Vineland Avenue Mall in Lake Buena Vista

* indicates locations that do not sell Florida Resident passes.

Themouseforless Walt Disney World Ticket Tips

Unused day on any Walt Disney World unexpired multi-day ticket can be used for admission to Disneyland or Disneys California Adventure parks. Present your WDW Ticket at the gate and it will be exchanged for a single day Disney park admission ticket. If you have multiple days left on your WDW ticket, you must repeat the process each day. Only one day will be subtracted from your WDW ticket at a time and the Disneyland ticket must be used on the same day. If your Walt Disney World ticket has the park hopping option, you may also park hop at Disneyland. Its also worth noting that you must have already used or activated the ticket at Walt Disney World for at least one day in order to use unused days at Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland tickets can not be used as admission to Walt Disney World parks! The value of a valid unused or partially-used Disneyland ticket can, however, be applied to the purchase of a new Walt Disney World Disney Theme Park ticket or Annual Pass. Any Guest Relations Office at Walt Disney World should be able to lookup the value of your unexpired Disneyland ticket, cancel the Disneyland ticket, and apply that value to your new WDW ticket.

Disney doesnt require kids who have a birthday during a trip to change tickets. The age of your child on the day you check-in determines the ticket you will need to purchase.

Visit our Ticket Discount page for information on getting discounts on Disney Theme Park tickets.

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Disney World Ticket Information


The Walt Disney World Resort theme park ticket pricing structure is based on an interactive calendar based on dates chosen by the purchaser. In some aspects, it’s easy to see exactly how much tickets will cost you, but if you don’t know the exact dates you plan on visiting, this system can prove to be a bit difficult. We’ve done our best to lay out the nitty gritty.Tickets for Walt Disney World are no longer priced on a value, regular, and peak season scale. Instead, Walt Disney World single-day and multi-day tickets are now priced based on the date guests intend to visit. The multi-day ticket pricing will be based on the arrival date chosen at the time of purchase. As an example, a one-day ticket varies in pricing from $109 to $159 per day depending on the exact dates that are chosen to visit a theme park and which additional options are chosen. The prices are subject to change at any time without notice, but the charts below show a range of what you can expect to pay per day depending on the length of ticket you purchase. It’s also important to not that these are the advance-purchase prices waiting to buy your park tickets until you arrive at the gate will be more expensive. Multi-day tickets decrease in price per day, so the more days you visit a theme park, the less it costs per day.

  • 1-Day Ticket Valid only on the specific date selected at the time of purchase
  • 2-Day Ticket Any 2 days within 4 days

    Regular Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

    Disney World Surprise

    Annual Pass prices last went up on August 30, 2021.

    This page lists the prices of standard tickets that you can buy at the gate. We list the full price, including tax youll pay if you buy in person at Walt Disney World. Youll pay less for some tickets when purchased in advance read below for more.

    There are discounts available on most of the tickets listed below. See our comprehensive list of discount sources for standard Walt Disney World tickets.

    Prices on this page include tax! Note that ticket prices quoted at do not include tax. On the Disney site the tax is added to the price during the ordering process, which is why the prices look lower than the prices below. Sales tax of 6.5% is charged regardless of where you buy the tickets.

    Special note:You will need a theme park reservation for the first Walt Disney World theme park you want to visit each day. Before buying tickets, check the park reservation calendar to make sure you can get into the parks you want to visit, then buy your tickets, link the tickets to MyDisneyExperience, then go back to the park reservation calendar to lock in your park reservations. If your plans change, you can change your park reservations later, assuming theres availability at the park you want to switch to. Park hopping is available from 2:00 pm until park closing read more about how Park Hopper currently works.

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    Disney Theme Park Base Ticket Option

    The Disney Theme Park Base Ticket is the Walt Disney World® Resort base ticket option.

    The Disney Theme Park Base Ticket allows you to visit one of the following theme parks per day:

    • Magic Kingdom® Park
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

    There is no hopping among multiple parks on the same day , but you can leave and return to the same park. If you want to visit water parks, you’ll need the Park Hopper® Plus Option Ticket.Read more about our FAQ’s and tips and tricks on using Disney Genie+!

    Am I Allowed To Use Two Days Off Of My Theme Park Base Ticket If I Decide I Want To Go To A Second Park On The Same Day As The First

    No, you are not. The tickets are sold and the computer system is based on the number of days you have, not the number of park visits. Once you have used a non-park hopping ticket at any park, the computer system will not let you use it at another park on the same day. You are allowed to re-enter the same park you already went into later the same day.

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    Do I Have To Use My Park Hopper Plus Options In Different Places Or Can I Go Back To A Place Twice

    You can use them all at the same venue if you so desire. You have three limitations.

    • One is that you can only use it for one person. You cannot have a group of three use three options off your one pass.
    • The second one is that you will use a separate Plus option for each water park, Wide World of Sports admission, mini golf round, or Disneys Oak Trail golf course round you do on the same day. You are allowed to go to one, leave and return to the same one on a given day without burning a second admission, but you cannot park hop between the Park Hopper Plus venues like you can with the major park days.
    • You are limited to one round of mini golf per ticket per day.

    How Do I Go About Deciding What Type Of Ticket To Buy


    Evaluate your travel plans and budget, and ask yourself these questions: How many days do you plan to visit the major theme parks? How much of your budget do you want to spend or can you spend on admission to the parks? Do you want just enough admissions for this trip or do you want to buy some extras and save them for your next visit? How likely/often will you visit the Water Parks? Will you be returning to Disney World within the next twelve months?

    Weigh your answers to these questions carefully. And remember: what was a good deal in the past is no longer so flexible. And single-day tickets are now locked into a particular day, reducing flexibility for spontaneous visits, too.

    Another factor to consider is how many days youll be visiting the parks in a full calendar year. An Annual Pass may make sense if you plan next years visit 1-2 weeks earlier so your Annual Pass is still valid, hence saving an entire trips admissions cost. Visit our break-even analysis, When Does an Annual Pass Become Cost-Effective?, for more details about deciding if an AP is right for you.

    What is a Park Hopper option?

    Note: When Walt Disney World reopened in July 2020, the Disney Park Pass allowed only one Park per day entry. Park Hoppers are suspended. No date has yet been given for the resumption of Park Hoppers.

    But if your park touring style is to head in at rope drop and play until park closing, Park Hopper likely wont be financially worth it for you.

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    What Is Park Hopper Plus

    Park Hopper Plus is another upgrade to a Standard Theme Park Ticket. With this ticket option, you get to Park Hop plus gain one valid admission per day of purchased Standard Theme Park Ticket for one person to your choice of any one of the following:

    • Typhoon Lagoon
    • ESPNs Wide World of Sports
    • A round of golf at Disneys Oak Trails Golf Course
    • A round of miniature golf at either Winter/Summerland or Fantasia Gardens

    So thats potentially doubling the number of admissions for your trip. If you visit theme parks for four days and youve purchased Park Hopper Plus, you can then gain admission to water parks for four other days or mix it up and hit the water parks and play a couple days of golf. If youll truly use the Plus options, you can get your moneys worth with Park Hopper Plus but youll want to do the math to be sure its a deal for you!

    Some notes from Disney on the Plus options:

    • A nine-hole round of golf is dependent upon you have a reserved tee time. Reach out to Disney by phone or online: WDW-GOLF or visit
    • You can only play one round of mini golf per day.
    • Water Parks are subject to closures due to weather, refurbishments, and guest capacity.
    • Wide World of Sports admission is only allowed when an event is scheduled you cant just enter to wander around.

    Some other things to bear in mind regarding Park Hopper Plus tickets:

    I Just Returned From Disney World And Had To Exchange My Old Ticket For The Small Credit Card Type Ones With The Rfid Strip You Used To Be Able To Tell How Many Days You Had Left On The Old Tickets How Do I Tell When I Park Hop If I Get Charged For Another Day

    The new tickets keep track of the number of days on the computer system and not on the ticket itself. Basically the turnstiles only read the RFID information and dont write to it.

    The turnstile reads the RFID info, looks up in its database the serial number, and determines whether or not you have been in today, whether or not it can let you in, and whether or not you have days remaining. After determining your eligibility, the computer will allow a green light with your finger scan.

    The turnstile does not mark anything on your ticket to give you any idea as to the number of days remaining. Guest Relations can look up your ticket into the computer system and tell you how many days are left.

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    Why Does Disney Sell A 10 Day Theme Park Ticket With 10 Park Hopper Plus Visits For A Total Of 20 Admissions When The Ticket Expires In Just 15 Days Doesnt That Mean We Have To Double Up On Several Days Or Lose Some Admissions Somewhere

    Yes, it does. All multi-day theme park tickets will expire in a set number of days from first use. In order to use all the available entitlements on the 10 day ticket, you would have to double up by using a Park Hopper Plus admission and a theme park admission on some days.

    Expiration dates as of 1/2020 are:

    1-Day Only the start date selected2-Day Any 2 days within 4 days beginning on the start date 3-Day Any 3 days within 5 days beginning on the start date 4-Day Any 4 days within 7 days beginning on the start date 5-Day Any 5 days within 8 days beginning on the start date 6-Day Any 6 days within 9 days beginning on the start date 7-Day Any 7 days within 10 days beginning on the start date 8-Day Any 8 days within 12 days beginning on the start date 9-Day Any 9 days within 13 days beginning on the start date 10-Day Any 10 days within 14 days beginning on the start date

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