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14 Day Forecast Orlando Disney World

Long Range Weather Forecast For April 11th


I was browsing the 14 day forecast for Orlando weather and have noticed that for the period between 11th April and 25th April it is predicting thunderstorms

Temps look good in the 80’s so was wondering if this may be causing the thunderstorms

anyone else seen this or think this may likely change before we go?


just noticed somebody else asked the same question on another page

looks like this gets asked a lot

Generally expect temps close to 90 with high humidity and chance of afternoon thunder showers.

This weather report will be good til November.

that works for me Jim. 🙂

Thanks for reply

I am going to be there from the 16-20 so hoping for some good weather as well.

I know not to worry to much about weather forecasts this far out…but of course I would feel much better if it did show sun instead of thundershowers everyday!

Weather forecasts aren’t accurate more then 3-4 days out so I wouldn’t even bother looking yet as it will change daily until it gets closer. Best sites to look at are the local news ones

The summer rainy patterns have not had a chance to get established by mid-April — we usually have drought warnings rather than rain in April.

The rains don’t typically start on a reliable basis until late May.

The coming of rainy season around late May can be fairly dramatic. One of the nice things about April is low humidity.

I have three comments:

1. Long-range forecasts are NOT accurate.

Thanks Tenni for the local links!

rosen inn PO, cannot wait

Walt Disney World Weather Forecast

FriLo: 20°C68°FHi: 33°C91°FPatchy rain possible Friday, temperatures as high as 33°C91°F, low temperature around 20°C68°F, chance of rain 83%, wind out of the SSW 27 km/h17 mph. Barometric pressure 1014 mb29.94 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 69%.
SatLo: 10°C50°FHi: 27°C80°FPatchy rain possible Saturday, temperatures as high as 27°C80°F, low temperature around 10°C50°F, chance of rain 76%, wind out of the W 39 km/h24 mph. Barometric pressure 1014 mb29.94 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 65%.
SunLo: 4°C40°FHi: 21°C70°FSunny Sunday, temperatures as high as 21°C70°F, low temperature around 4°C40°F, wind out of the ESE 23 km/h15 mph. Barometric pressure 1028 mb30.36 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 44%, uv index 8.
MonLo: 16°C60°FHi: 24°C74°FCloudy Monday, temperatures as high as 24°C74°F, low temperature around 16°C60°F, wind out of the E 22 km/h13 mph. Barometric pressure 1026 mb30.3 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 62%, uv index 6.
TueLo: 18°C65°FHi: 28°C82°FModerate rain Tuesday, temperatures as high as 28°C82°F, low temperature around 18°C65°F, chance of rain 74%, wind out of the SE 22 km/h14 mph. Barometric pressure 1020 mb30.12 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 78%.
WedLo: 19°C66°FHi: 27°C81°FPatchy rain possible Wednesday, temperatures as high as 27°C81°F, low temperature around 19°C66°F, chance of rain 80%, wind out of the SW 27 km/h17 mph. Barometric pressure 1015 mb29.97 in, visibility 9 km6 mi, humidity 76%.

Day Weather Walt Disney World

Florida United States

This chart shows the 14 day weather trend for Walt Disney World with daily weather symbols, minimum and maximum temperatures, precipitation amount and probability.

  • The deviance is coloured within the temperature graph. The stronger the ups and downs, the more uncertain the forecast will be. The thick line represents the most probable trend.
  • Variation in precipitation is represented as a T. These uncertainties usually increase with the number of forecasts days ahead.
  • The forecast is created with ensemble models. Several model runs with varying start parameter are calculated to estimate the predictability of the forecast more precisely.

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Bring A Portable Charger

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If you dont have a portable charger, look for a FuelRod portable charger kiosk! Disney has a few tucked away in the parks and resorts.

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